Everybody Wants to be a Cat – Top 5 Saturday

This weeks prompt was 'book with animals on the cover' and I've chosen to focus on a specific animal in case you didn't guess 😂 https://media.giphy.com/media/XJT5XLZARM6wo/giphy.gif Now these won't all be the nice kitty's we all know, I'm using the broader term here so Lions and Tigers and... well no bears but you get what… Continue reading Everybody Wants to be a Cat – Top 5 Saturday

Feminist themes – Top 5 Saturday

I'm loving the amount of books out atm that contain some kind of feminist/against the patriarchy undertone. Do there seem to be more since a certain man has become President? Maybe. Am I surprised about this influx of books about the patriarchy having their assess kicked by women? Not at all. However, Sexism is unfortunately… Continue reading Feminist themes – Top 5 Saturday

Award Winning Books – Top 5 Saturday

There are a multitude of book awards out there, and for this weeks prompt I've decided to choose five books off my TBR that have won 'Hugo Awards.' These are all books that I am highly anticipating reading and have read some amazing reviews for. Have you read any of these? Or are they on… Continue reading Award Winning Books – Top 5 Saturday