Review Policy!

General Information

I am currently accepting Adult and Young Adult books for review in both physical and e-arc format, and you can send your requests to


I accept Adult and YA in the following genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fairy tale/myth retellings
  • Literary Fiction

Books I accept

If I accept a book this does not guarantee a review. I will always make an effort to read and review every book with regard to release dates, but can not guarantee a review. I prefer to receive books 1-2 months prior to release as I schedule my posts in advance, and could not guarantee a review within a short amount of time.

The Reviews

I write a review for almost every book I read. Most of my reviews are also posted on Goodreads and Amazon. My reviews are not literary critiques and are written in a relaxed manner.

I always try to be fair and honest with my reviews, but if I did not enjoy the book this will be stated in the review. While my views on why I did not enjoy the book will be included, I will not write negative comments about the author or the writing.

If I DNF the book I may write a short explanation why including, why I DNF, how many pages I read, and if I plan on picking it up in the future.

Author guest posts and interviews

I am happy to host guest posts and interviews on Becky’s Book Blog. I will also accept ‘form’ guest posts where the content will be posted on other blogs.

If you would like to be featured please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name and the title of your Book
  • A brief description of the book or Goodreads link
  • Do you require a guest post or an interview? Will you provide questions or would you like me to?
  • The month or date you would like to be featured
  • If you will be including a giveaway.

If you are requesting an interview, or need me to come up with a topic for your guest post then I would require a copy of the book at least a month in advance.