About me!

Hi! I’m Becky a 30 something book blogger based in the UK. A Hobbit, Daughter of Poseidon & Windwalker. I’m a lover of all things fantasy, sci-fi, musical and spend my days reading or binging my new favourite TV show. I started my blog in 2018 to share my passion for all things nerdy with like minded people and love being able to shout about the things I love. When I’m not blogging I can be found at work (a Uk based parcel company), volunteering for CWUHA the charity I’m a trustee for, travelling, spending time with friends and loved ones and being endlessly pestered by my cat Boo.


About me

I’m a huge lover of SFF books, and the majority of my reviews/posts are based around those, but my true love is anything that delves into mythology/folklore, as well as anything historical and you can be sure if a book mentions either of these it will end up on my neverending TBR. Some of my all time favourites are listed below, with a lot of these being auto-buy authors for me as well.

I started this blog to meet like minded people, who love the same things I do, so please do feel free to get in contact if you want. even if it’s just to scream about a book you love, or ask a question! As well as my blog, you can find me rambling about books I love on Twitter, as well as TikTok. Thanks so much for reading my bookish ramblings :D.