Book recommendations for lovers of Alix E. Harrow!

Hello, hello! I’ve got a fun post for you all today, but first I want to credit Leah with the idea! She did a similar style post on her blog showcasing books for fans of Andrea Stewart & I loved the idea that much… I decided to steal it. Mine’s slightly different as I’ve chosen specific things about Harrow’s writing/stories and selected books that would be perfect to read if you enjoyed them. I’m sure you all know by now how much I love Harrow, her writing and stories never fail to elicit an emotional response from me, and she quickly became an auto-buy author, so I thought I would share some other reads that have felt similar in some way to her works, or simply that I think, if you enjoy her books, you would enjoy these. I’ve just included the book covers, but if you click on them you will be taken to the Goodreads page where you can learn more about them.

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  1. I love that you stole my idea, and that you chose Alix E. Harrow! I’ve read a bunch of her books, but not all of them (yet). And of all the books I’ve read from your list, I loved all of them except one! The rest are already on my TBR, of course, but this is such a great post.

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