Top Ten Places I’ve Visited – Top Ten Tuesday!

This weeks TTT prompt was a ‘non-bookish freebie’ so I’ve decided to do a post about the top ten places I’ve visited in my travels. This was a mega hard list to narrow down because I was lucky enough to spend over 6 months travelling a few years ago and pretty much loved everywhere I went, but the place’s I’ve chosen for this post are the ones I would, and have, returned to in a heartbeat. It’s a mixture of nature and cities, and I have some many amazing memories from my time in these places.

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Hobbiton – New Zealand

Every LOTR fans dream right? New Zealand as a whole is one of my favourite countries, but Hobbiton, as well as a place I’ve mentioned a bit farther down stole it for me. They’ve left it looking like an almost working village with smoking chimneys and houses with fish and bread outside and you can even have a beer at The Green Dragon. Safe to say my nerd heart soared, and I just wanted to move into one of the little hobbit holes.

Elephant Nature Camp – Thailand

Elephants are my all time favourite animal, so you can guess at how excited I was to be staying here. Lex, the woman who runs the Elephant Nature Camp is one hell of a woman, and if you ever get the chance to read about how and why she started this refuge for animals I would highly recommend it. We spent our week cleaning up after the Elephants, preparing food and feeding them, but you’re doing it all with the most beautiful backdrop and Elephants walking around which blew my mind. The site is mainly host to rescued circus, working and logging Elephants who get to spend the remainder of their lives in this beautiful place.

New York – U.S.A

First city and, despite not being a city gal myself, I absolutely fell in love with NYC the minute my feet hit the pavement. I would love to go back because we packed in so much time seeing the sites, that we didn’t really get to see the city if that makes sense. I did get a few Broadway trips: Chicago & Finding Neverland which blew me away, but most of our time was spent taking in as many sites as we could.

Berlin – Germany

Another city, but this one for a completely different reason. I’m a bit of a world war buff… thank you GCSE History, so loved spending time in Berlin and learning more about the City itself and the history of the area. While there are sites a plenty to see and humongous amounts of history, I think what I love most about Berlin is the peacefulness of it. Even on what I would call the busy nights, the city just seemed to take it’s time and it’s a place that I would love to spend more time in.

Reykjavík – Iceland

Iceland is bloody beautiful, but I would definitely like to go back when it’s a little warmer. The picture of me on the horse? Minute 14 degrees. But I love snow, and the cold never bothered me anyway lol, so my time here was spent marvelling at the landscape, searching for the Northern Lights and trying to see as much of it as I could.

Scottish Highlands

I feel like Scotland is almost my second home with the amount of time I spend there. It’s one of my all time favourite places in the UK to visit, especially the Highlands with the likes of Glencoe, Ben Nevis, Loch Lomond etc. It’s stunningly beautiful and so, so peaceful, if I ever need to get away from it all for a little while, Scotland it my go to for that. Plus the people are lovely, the scenery is stunning and they do the best fish and chips ever.

Yosemite – U.S.A

Now for the nature side of the US. We did a few National Parks while we were over there: Yellowstone, Badlands etc, but there was just something about Yosemite that blew me away. It was stunning and we ran into a few furry friends whilst we were there… I saw my first Brown Bear.

Milford Sound – New Zealand

If you ever find yourself in New Zealand, the South Island, I can highly recommend a trip to Milford Sound. It is one of the most picturesque and peaceful places I have ever been to. Almost Fjord like, you exit the island via a waterway filled with scenic mountains and numerous waterfalls and we even got to see a mum and baby humpback whale!

Paris – France

I mean… how could I leave Paris off. Having been lucky enough to visit Paris multiple times now, I love going and just meandering my way around the city, finding places and sites that I never thought to visit. It’s got that proper old style European vibe and is just beautiful to spend time in… plus the pastries!

Porto – Portugal

Did I go to Porto for the library? 100% yes. But it turns out that the rest of the city is just as beautiful. I spent 3 days there for my 30th birthday a few years back and loved wandering around the streets and learning about the history of the city itself. Very hilly, but 100% worth it.

And there you have it! 10 of my favourite places I’ve visited. I could add onto this list forever: Florence, Prague, Queenstown NZ… and go on and on, but these are definitely some of my faves. Have you visited any of these places? Do you have any favourite trips? Let me know in the comments.

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    • Thanks! The Elephant Camp was definitely a fave of mine, and the woman who runs it is just amazing, the actual camp wasn’t that expensive… it was just the flights getting there lol.


  1. Great picks and pics! I haven’t been to Hobbiton but I would one day love to see it. Your Scottish Highland photos are lovely! Coincidentally, I was just thinking about the Porto bookstore this morning; I ended up not purchasing a book because I think most or all of them were in Portuguese (no surprise), but the store is just gorgeous. I’ll actually be back in Iceland in a few months as part of a stopover from a Scandinavian vacation. It’s more like a revenge stop in Iceland because the one time I visited was in January and we had bad weather that caused several cancellations. Time to see the country in the summer!

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    • Thank you! I did manage to get a book from Porto, though there was only a small section of English copies in there. I hope you have a better time in Iceland this time around, it was pretty cold when we went, but we still managed to get out and about & see things 😀


  2. I can’t wait to visit New Zealand one day. It always looks so stunning in the photos 😍 Yosemite and Iceland are also on my bucket list. I’ve been to the Scottish Highlands and it’s absolutely just as stunning as your photos show! One day, I definitely want to go back. Great post, Becky!

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    • I really, really want to go back to New Zealand, but flights are just so expensive… I hope you get to visit it one day, Dini! So glad you enjoyed Scotland, it’s such an under-rated Gem for everyone in the UK, but I love it so much 😀


  3. OMG BECKY! You’ve been to so many places that are on my bucket list, and I haven’t been to a single one of these places except NYC because I live right near there. You’ve even been to US places that I haven’t been to, but want to go, like Yosemite and the Badlands. Plus, these are some gorgeous pictures, and I can only hope that I get to visit them someday.

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