Bookish Smash or Pass – Book Tag!

Hello, hello! I’ve decide to create my own Book Tag after seeing something similar making it’s way around BookTok. Everybody seems to love the whole ‘smash’ or ‘pass’ trend that has been going round, so I thought I would create my own version with some controversial/ some not so bookish choices. There are no rules for this tag, I just ask that you have some fun with it, and please link back to me, as well as whoever tagged you, or the blog you originally saw the tag on if you decide to take part!

Bookish Tropes

SMASH! Ok, so I started off with a biggy. I am 100% Smash for the majority of bookish tropes though there are a few, love triangle, love at first sight etc that I am not a fan of. Enemies to lovers on the other hand, sharing one bed, found family… these I am sucker for.

Alternating POV

Yes, Smash. I love books with alternating POV’s especially when these allow us to see the same events from different POV’s, or give us greater character depth.

Ambigious Endings

Gonna have to go with smash on this one. I’ve only read a few books that have had ambiguous endings, A Sorcery of Thorns, Our Violent Ends and The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue, all of which I loved.


Pass. I’m a fiction whore through and through. I can’t remember the last time I read a non-fiction book, maybe University? Either way I read for escapism, and though I do have a few non-fiction books on my TBR, they are few and far between.

Historical Setting

Smashhhhh, especially if it’s historical fantasy which I adore. Some of my all time favourite series have a historical setting, think HG Parry’s Shadow Histories series, P. Djèlí Clark’s A Master of Djinn or The Monsters We Defy by Leslye Penelope. I think adding a historical element adds more depth to the story and allows you to learn about different periods and the places within them.

Morally Grey characters

Another Smash… I will have more Pass’ I promise. I am all for a morally grey character, redemption arc or no. Give me all the added drama and tension they bring, as well as the, sometimes, tragic backstories.

First Person POV

Smash. I do prefer third person, but am not overly fussy when it comes to narration style.


Pass… I love the idea, I really do, I just have the attention span of a toddler when it comes to them, and really struggle to actually sit down, listen and take the story in… sorry guys.


Smash. This is something I tend to do when I’m looking for a comfort read, or when I need to catch-up on a series before the newest book is released, but also something I haven’t been able to do because I had a slight ARC requesting problem this year. I’m hoping to cut down on this I’m 2023, so hopefully I can pick a few of my faves back up.

Classic novels

Passss, and I say this tentatively because I haven’t actually read that many classics to form an opinion either way. I do find myself more drawn to Modern fiction though and if I had to make a choice, then classics would be out.


Pass again. I am actually terrible for making notes when it comes to reading physical books (thank god for kindles right!) but I think I would be more of a tabber than an annotator.

Cracking Book Spines

Ok… don’t shoot me guys but smash. Some paperbacks are impossible to read without doing it. I never do it intentionally, but sometimes these things just happen.


Smash. I am all up for a bit of smut in my books as long as it has a plot to go along with it. I’ve recently started foraying more into romance, but still prefer a good romantasy over straight romance any day.

Character Driven Books

Smash! Smash so hard. You could literally give me a book with the worst plot ever, but if it had brilliantly written charters I would still love it.

Past/Present Split Timeline

Hmmm Psmash… is that allowed? 😂 I’ve seen this done well, and also really badly, so as a rule I’m not averse to it, but it does need to be done well to keep me in the story and not feel a little jumpy.

Heavy World Building

Smash as long as it’s not too dumpy. I love learning about new worlds and, personally, for me the more information the better, but info dumps can really take me out of a story and I have DNF’d books before because if it.

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  1. OMG I love this idea so much! You’re brilliant for creating this, and I can’t wait to do this tag. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I couldn’t help but laugh at how many of your answers I was able to predict just from the things we discuss during buddy reads LOL!

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  2. I love this idea! Maybe some of us could offer some “decent” recommendations for your “passes.”

    WARNING: I plan on “stealing” this post idea for one of my posts for the future!

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  3. hi Becky, I just found your blog and omg I agree with so many of these!!! especially tropes, at this point I choose books based on their tropes 🙂 amazing post!!!!!

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    • Hi! You’re not the only one who picks books based off tropes, anything that mentions enemies to lovers is an instant add to my TBR. So glad you enjoyed the post, and please feel free to take part if you want to 😀

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