How to Kill Men and Get Away With It by Katy Brent – ARC Review!

Have you ever walked home at night, keys in hand, ready to throw a punch in self-defence? That’s how it all started. The killing spree, I mean.

I sort of tripped into this role… Literally. The first one was following me. That guy from the nightclub who wouldn’t leave me alone. I pushed him, he stumbled, and fell onto his own broken wine bottle. Oops. It was such a waste of a good house white.

But now I can’t seem to stop and nor do I want to… I’ve got a taste for revenge and quite frankly, I’m killing it.

Kitty Collins quite literally trips into the life of murdering and really, who can blame her? Haven’t we always wanted retribution for all the nights we walked home with keys in between our fingers, for all the name calling because we didn’t put out for a guy who was expecting it, for all the time we were forced into doing things we absolutely did not want to. At least, that’s how Kitty justifies her new lifestyle change, and as long as she’s getting away with it, she’s more than happy to rid the world of scumbags. But then something happens, something that throws Kitty new mantra and her plans into chaos, and now things are more than spiralling out of control. Seems her stalker knows all about Kitty’s darker urges, and they’re ready to tell all… unless Kitty can stop them first.

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is a really hard book to summarise and talk about without giving away spoilers. Kitty Collins has grown up around murder, thanks to her family owing the biggest abattoir in the country and, although a Vegan herself, Kitty is more than capable of getting a little blood under her fingernails if the need arises. Social Networker and Instagram influencer, she spends her days pushing products she doesn’t care about, and longs to have something worthwhile in her life, and that something worthwhile just happens to be murder. Her first kill is accidental, but when she gets away with it she starts to feel an urge for more, and quickly realises just how easy it is to find the worst of the male population. She sees it as revenge, as justice because really… who is going to miss these despicable human beings. She is incredibly good at rationalising her actions and, if I’m being honest, I found it hard to disagree with some of her points. She feels a rage that I think a lot of women can relate too and to quench it, Kitty needs to kill.

Kitty, in fact pretty much all the characters in this book were hard to like, but I feel like that was deliberate by the author. Through Kitty she showed the hypocritical thinking of people with enough wealth to not have to worry about their actions. Kitty never really believes herself to be in any danger of being caught, thinks she is smarter and better than pretty much everyone around her, which is hilarious when you think she is going round murdering people. But Brent somehow manages to endear her to us anyway. Her friends are the stereotypical kind of vapid influencers who show one side to the public and act completely differently behind closed doors. In fact the only likeable character in this book was Charlie, the guy Kitty starts dating

If you love a bit of dark humour (and I mean dark) and aren’t put off reading about some incredibly dark topics (rape, on screen murder, physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse) then I would definitely recommend checking this out. The author never makes light of these issues, instead uses Kitty as an outlet for retribution. Some of my favourite scenes were, bizarrely, the murders themselves, especially the first couple that were accidental. We spend a good portion of this story in Kitty’s head, listening to her reasoning, planning the later murders after getting a taste for it, and then doing the deed and while these scenes were undoubtedly dark, they were also hilarious and a little thrilling.

I’ve never really read a book like this, so can’t say ‘read if you enjoyed…’, but it does give me Dexter vibes, only she’s a woman and I think her reasoning and the people she chose to kill made it resonate with me a little more. Don’t worry. I’m not planning on taking up Kitty’s mantle, but it’s hard not to give in to her need for justice, especially when it seems there is no other way to get it. Brent helps the story flow by adding in plenty of plot twists as well as ‘holy fuck’ moments, but it’s the ending that really sent me for a loop. If you’re looking for a fast read with a little dark humour with an unlikable, but almost relatable MC, I can’t recommend this one enough!

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