Encanto Book Tag!

Hello! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a good booktag but I found this over on Books are 42 & it looked too much fun to pass up on… plus I LOVED Encanto! Make sure you check out Ashlees post because she has some brilliant recommendations on it. This tag was originally created by Passport To Eden.

The Family Madrigal – Name a book that explores multiple family generations

The story follows two generations, that of Orquidea Divina, and a modern one following her grandchildren. The two are woven together brilliantly, and I loved Cordova showed generational trauma, and how the decisions our parents/ grandparents make can affect us in the present.

Waiting On A Miracle – What Is A Book You Enjoyed But Took Longer Than Expected To Finish

I think this book took longer to finish than I expected because I didn’t want it to end. Barnhills writing style also lends itself to a slower reading experience, it’s not a story you can plough through in an afternoon, rather one to be enjoyed over a few days so you can fully immerse yourself in the story.

Surface Pressure – Name A Character Who Has To Do It All

Mina only has to do it all because no one in the underworld can help her along on her journey, be that thanks to being sworn to secrecy, or having lost memories. Either way Mina has to uncover the mystery herself if she is to save the people she loves.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno – Talk About A Book You Don’t Talk About

I don’t feel like this book gets anywhere near enough love. It’s like a hug in a book, especially if you grew up in the 80’s, 90’s and have a love for stories like The Never ending Story and Labyrinth. The characters are what really make this story and I’m so sad that I’ll never be able to experience it for the first time again.

What Else Can I Do? – Name A Book You Thought Would Be Light and Fluffy But Hit Emotionally

It’s a romatasy right? What can possibly go wrong. A Whole bunch apparently. I spent the last 25% or so of his book as an emotional wreck, bawling my eyes out. I just thank god I’d chosen to buddy read it with Jordyn so we could scream at each other about our emotions!

Dos Oruguitas – Characters Who Make You Believe In Soulmates

If Juliette and Roma aren’t soulmates, then I don’t know who is. From warring families, being drawn to each other, even when they hate each other. Their story may not have the happiest of ending, but you can’t deny they were made for one another.

All Of You – Name A Book That Features Rebuilding Relationships

After 10 years away, Jack Tamerlaine has a lot of relationships to re-build, or build from scratch if you count the little sister he never knew existed. He spends a good portion of the story working out where he belongs in this home he used to inhabit and I loved seeing him build relationships both old and new.

Columbia, Mi Encanta – Name A Book That Left You Immersed In Culture

A Master of Djinn

Clark absolutely transports you to Cairo in this story, albeit a steampunk version, but he does a brilliant job of weaving in their culture and mythology and I just never wanted it to end.

Now for the Tags! Please don’t feel like you have to take part because you’ve been tagged, and also, feel free to take part even if you haven’t!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tag! I LOVE Encanto!!! Also- yes- Undertaking of Hart and Mercy was much more impactful and emotional than I thought it would be! Great answers. 🙂

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