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Thanks to the lovely Leslie who tagged me in this book tag! Leslie it one of my favourite bloggers & writes some amazing reviews, so you should definitely go and give her blog some love.


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What was the last book you read?

Did this book meet your expectations?

Absolutely! I loved this book so much, I read it in one sitting. It’s one of those stories that feels like it’s giving you a big hug whilst reading.

Will you recommend this book to others?

100% if you like feel good stories, with found families, snarky and witty characters and plenty of romance.

What is your current read?

Why did you pick this book?

I loved the first book in this duology & it was one of the books on my mega TBR for this month.

How much time do you think you’ll take to finish your current read?

It’s been a quick read so far, I’m already 50% through, so I’ll hopefully have it finished by Monday!

What genre would you like to read next?

I’d like to read romance, I’ve got a bit of a kick for it atm, however my overwhelming TBR is filled with fantasy so, until my pre-order for Love on the Brain comes in, it will more than likely be fantasy.

What would you like to pick: a long read or a short read?

I’ve read a few quick reads recently. and I have one mega chonk on my TBR for this month, The First Binding at over 800 pages. So I might start chipping away at that.

Mention some books you’re eyeing!

Susan and I are going to be buddy reading All of Our Demise next week. Love on the Brain is basically going to have my tossing my TBR out of the window when it arrives. Mindwalker is a sci-fi I’ve had my eyes on for a while & I am in love with the cover!

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  1. Thanks for the tag. I was eyeing this one up earlier on in the week. I loved The Society of Irregular Witches. Definitely a feel good book although it was really sad at one point.

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  2. Thank you for the sweet shout out!! ❤ I'm going to add the book you just read to my TBR. Who doesn't like snarky and witty characters?! I hope you are enjoying Dragon's Promise!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh I think you will love Irregular Witches, Leslie. It’s a proper feel good read with lots of laugh out loud moments. I’m around 33% in to Dragons Promise so far & it seems to be moving super fast so I’m intrigued to see where it goes next. 😀

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      • That’s a read that I can definitely use in my life. haha. I absolutely added it to the TBR. Ohhh, I can’t wait for you to finish it and see what you think!! 🙂

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