5..4..3..2..1 – Book Tag!

Hello all! I hope you’ve had a great week so far. Time for another booktag and I actually saw this over on Instagram and loved the idea so much, I decided to make it into a tag for my blog! I’m not sure who the original creator was, but if you do let me know and I will tag to their post. I won’t be tagging anyone specifically, but please feel free to take part if you want to!

5 Books You Love

I’m sure you all get just how hard it was to narrow down my favourite reads to just 5! But the ones I’ve picked are stories that have truly stood out to me for one reason or another, although, now that I think on it, all these books have a similar theme running through them of people trying to outgrow the expectations set out on them by society. I’m sure on one’s surprised that they’re all fantasy and all historical, which is apparently my jam.

4 Autobuy Authors

Alix E. Harrow never fails to get my engrossed in a book whether it be historical fantasy, or multiverse, fairytale science fiction & her books are instant pre-orders for me… I don’t even have to read the premise. In fact, I love her that much I scoured the internet trying to get my hands on anything she had written and loved absolutely everything I read. Silvia Moreno- Garcia is an author who has not only got me to read and enjoy horror, massive wimp here, but also one of the few authors I have faithfully followed across genres, always trusting she wont let me down. H.G. Parry has a writing style that brings her characters to life, creates scenes that have the hairs standing up on the back of my arm and absolutely drag you into whatever setting she has created. Her historical fantasy is an all time favourite of mine and I will certainly be picking up whatever she writes next. P. Djeli Clark first hooked me with his Cairo novellas and when I read the full book I just needed more. More of his world, more of his characters, more of his writing, and so I went and picked up every other novella of his I could find… none of them have disappointed me so far. They’re quirky, but also incredibly hard hitting and just exquisitely told.

3 Fave Genres

I’m sure it will surprise no one when I say my first love is fantasy, urban, historical, epic, romance… give me it all. Science Fiction is a genre I love, but have a weird relationship with, in that I only love certain books, and until August Kitko couldn’t really say I was a fan of Space Opera, but it’s a genre I’m trying to branch out more in, so please send any recs you have. Romance is a new genre to me, but since giving into peer pressure & picking up The Love Hypothesis I’ve been reading more and more and absolutely loving it.

2 Places You Read

I pretty much read anywhere I can, but the two places I read the most are in bed and at work. Any free moment I have, you’ll find me picking up a book.

1 Book You Promise To Read Soon

I’ve had this on my TBR for an age and have read too many glowing reviews for me to pass up on reading it! I’m hoping to get to it before the end f the year, so wish me luck!


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