The STEMinist Novellas by Ali Hazelwood – Mini Reviews!

Under One Roof

Mara is grieving from the loss of her mentor, and shocked to hear that she left her a house in her will. She’s excited to start the next stage of her life, new house new job, new… housemate. It seems her old mentor didn’t just leave her house to Mara, but to her infuriating and good looking nephew, Liam. Liam is adamant he doesn’t want a roommate, and tried on numerous occasions to buy Mara out of her half, but Mara isn’t going down without a fight. There are plenty of downsides to living with Liam, his grumpiness, glowering, kissable mouth… but the more time they spend together, the more they get to know them, and the more time Mara spends with Liam, the harder she finds it to hate him.

I can’t tell you how much I adored this novella. It was definitely my favourite out of the three and the perfect Hazelwood fix to keep me going until Love on the Brain releases. Mara is a fantastic character, incredibly smart, and not afraid to stand up for herself. The story starts off with a pretty intense and steamy scene and then flashes back to Liam and Mara’s first meeting. Knowing they got together did nothing to lessen the drama and tension of the story and, if anything, made the journey all the more entertaining.

Though these Novellas are incredibly short, Hazelwood still manages to pack in plenty of character growth, side characters and plot to ensure you are invested in the story, and I devoured this in under an hour.

Stuck on You

Eveyrone loves a little rivalry between scientists right? Sadie’s night with Erik was mind blowing, but then he broke her heart and Sadie has been studiously avoiding him ever since, not the easiest when you work in the same building, even harder when you get stuck in an elevator together. Sadie refuses to fall for Erik’s muscly arms, his kind behaviour, not until she gets the answers she wants. But Erik and Sadie are on completely different pages when it comes to their fall out. Will they unburn their bridges and potentially get their happily ever after.

This was my least favourite of the novellas, and that isn’t to say I didn’t love it, but it just didn’t click with me as well as the other two. I think a large part of that is, although Sadie and Erik are stuck together in an elevator, we actually don’t get enough time with them together for me to get invested in their relationship. I did love Sadie as a character, with her little superstitions and absolute distaste for the big conglomerate that Erik works for, and her ability to ice someone out after they hurt her is insane.

Another fun and fast novella, but I just didn’t feel the romance as much in this one as the other two.

Below Zero

Hannah has finally got her dream job of working at NASA, but she didn’t quite expect it would end up with her stuck in an icy crevasse with the only person willing to rescue her the guy who tried to ruin her career a few months ago. Ian is both the man she dreams about, and the man who tried to ruin her dream job, but he’s never someone she thought of as a hero. So why is he risking his life to save hers, and could Hannah have been wrong about him all along?

This was on par with Under one Roof for me. I adored the relationship between Hannah and Liam, the time jumps, getting to see their relationship develop, whilst also following the story of him saving her was incredibly well done, and meant we got plenty of character growth in a small amount of time. Hannah is a character that I couldn’t help but empathise with. She sticks to one night stands because she’s afraid if anyone truly gets to know her, they will find her lacking. Her friendship/relationship with Liam was so swoon worthy and plenty steamy in Hazelwoods usual style & he was just the absolute cutest.

One of the things I love about this series of Novellas is how all three of our MC’s, Mara, Sadie and Hannah make an appearance in all 3 stories, so even though they may not be the MC we still get to see their relationships progress, and this just makes sure we fall in love with them a little more. Hazelwood has also stuck with her theme of strong women involved with Stem, something I adore, and I enjoyed the dive we get into each of their individual areas of expertise.

These were the perfect little stories I needed to tide me over until Love on the Brain comes out & have just cemented Hazelwood as an auto-buy author for me.

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