The Last Book I… – Book Tag!

Hello! I saw this book tag over on Instagram &, being in a bit of a book tag mood recently, thought it sounded too good to pass up. I’ve converted it a little for my blog and am not sure who the original creator is, if you know who it is, let me know and I’ll tag them. So, without further ado, lets get started on the prompts!

Last Book I Bought

I’m meant to be on a book buying ban but, shocker, I’m failing pretty badly. I recently had a bit of a spree shop because Waterstone’s had a double points weekend and bought a few books. I’ve got into a bit of a romance kick recently so am excited to pick up The Spanish Love Deception & I obviously had to get a few new fantasy books for my shelves.

Last Book I Borrowed

I don’t have a lot of reader friends, not that live locally to me anyway, so I don’t tend to borrow books & I don’t use my library because it’s pretty bad at getting new releases. Thinking way, way back, I did borrow a friends copy of Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, which I loved, but that was a good few years ago.

Last Book I Was Gifted

The last time I was gifted a book was probably my birthday, I’m a December baby, and I got a few books off my Amazon Wishlist. One of the one’s I’m most excited to read is The Kinder Poison. I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews for this series, and am hoping to pick it up soon.

Last Book I Gave to Someone Else

Bizzarly, the one book I’ve lent out to other people is one of the books on my shelves I actually haven’t read. They all loved it, which means I should definitely bump it up my TBR , plus I’m 99% sure that I’m gonna love it.

Last Book I Started

I’ve just started reading Twin Crowns. I fell in love with the cover for this one, and the premise sounded right up my street.

Last Book I Finished

I’ve just finished Book Lovers, which I loved. It was a fun and steamy romance, but what I loved most about it was the author allowing the characters to have a story line separate of the main romance.

Last Book I Rated 5 Stars

I hate that Goodreads doesn’t allow you to give half star ratings, but the last book I gave a full 5 stars too was Siren Queen by Nghi Vo. It was such a strong and intoxicating read and made me instantly want to go and buy the authors backlist.

Last Book I Rated 2 Stars

I think this has to be Jade Fire Gold. I buddy read this & we both were so disappointed in the story. It had a lot of promise, but just didn’t fulfil it’s potential.

Last Book I DNF’d

Another buddy read, and another book I was incredibly excited for. It was just SO slow, and I never really bonded with any of the characters.

Last Book I Listened Too

I’m not a huge audio book listener, I tend to find my patience wavering and missing big chunks of the book. However, the latest book in the Bone Season series came out last year & I needed to find a quick way to catch up on the rest of the books before diving it. I listened/read the first few books in the series and I really liked the narrator.

I loved those prompts! This was such a fun tag to do. I’m not going to tag anyone specifically.,but if you want to take part, please feel free!


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  1. Ooh, this is just the kind of tag that I’ve been looking for. Something fun and fast! I can’t believe I still haven’t read Emily Henry yet but I’m looking forward to checking out her books (hopefully soon lol)! I’m kinda bummed to hear about Witches Steeped in Gold but I’ve heard lots of similar sentiments about it… Too bad 😮‍💨 Great answers, Becky!

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    • Thanks, Dini! I’ve just bought Emily’s Backlog cause of how much I enjoyed Book Lovers, so you should definitely check her out. Witches just had nothing really going on & I struggled to like any of the characters 🙁


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