November TBR!

How is it November already! Honestly, this year seems to have absolutely flown by… it will be 2022 before we know it. My October TBR ended up getting a little crazy, with a few last minute additions that I just couldn’t resist picking up straight away and overall I read 11 books! Luckily this months TBR is a little lower at only 9 & with the weather getting a little colder hopefully I’ll be spending more time inside cuddled up reading. What do your November TBR’s look like? Have any of the below made your list? Let me know in the comments.

Buddy Reads

Susan and I are going to be buddy reading Gilded next week (hopefully). I’ve been a fan of Meyer ever since reading The Lunar Chronicles, and also loved her Renegades series, even if I still haven’t read the final book! As soon as I saw the cover and read the premise for this one I knew I had to pick it up. I’m a huge fan of retelling’s and am really excited to read one about Rumpelstiltskin. We’re also going to be buddy reading Aurora’s End once it’s released. This is one book I’m happy to be buddy reading because I’m 100% sure the authors are going to break my heart.


All of us Villains sounds like it’s going to be a unique and dark read, perfect this this season and I can’t wait to start it. Dreams Lie Beneath will be my first book from Rebecca Ross and I jumped at the chance to grab an ARC from the Harper newsletter. It’s giving me enemies to lovers / forbidden romance vibes and I am here for it. Year of the Reaper is another dark book on my TBR this month, I’ve heard some really good things about it so far, and can’t wait to start reading.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for all three of these! I’ve had Jade Fire Gold on my TBR since it was announced and the early reviews I’ve read have made me even more sure I will love it. Only a Monster is such a unique take on a monster novel, where the monster falls in love with the boy whose meant to kill her. It’s filled with enemies to lovers, a monster heist and a hero antagonist… all things that I’m sure will make me enjoy it. Bone Shard Daughter was one of my top reads last year so I have extremely high expectations for Bone Shard Emperor. I’m looking forward to returning to the world and the characters and hope we get more Mephi in this book.

Author Copies

Phil Williams very kindly gifted me a copy of Given to Darkness for review, I adored book one in the series and it’s another world I’m looking forward to returning too. Williams writes some incredibly quirky characters and creepy storylines, but they make for a fast paced and action packed story.


Unfortunately, like last year I can’t tell you what books I’m reading for BBNYA last year but I can say they all sound amazing! I think this year is going to be incredibly close, and I can’t wait to start reading my allocated titles. I’m hoping to read 2 of my 3 this month, leaving me one to finish before the deadline in December.


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  1. I absolutely cannot wait for Aurora’s End! I’m excited but also rightfully terrified because these authors mercilessly slay our feels so hard 😭 I also got my copy of Jade Fire Gold the other day and I’m super excited to read it! Are you up for (maybe) doing a buddy read for it? Lol, thought it’d be a fun one to do! Hope you enjoy all these reads, Becky!

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    • Hahaha yea I’m 99% sure Auroras End is going to destroy me 😩. YES to the buddy read, I’m really excited for Jade Fire Gold, it would be perfect for our first one! 😊


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