Monthly TBR -September!

Hello! I had a bit of a mixed reading month in August and ended up DNF’ing two books, one by a big author that ended up just being overly tropy and predictable. I did managed to read 10 books though, which I think might be a record for me recently! This month my TBR consists of 10 books, most of which are ARC’s but two are September releases that I just know I won’t be able to hold off reading instantly. What does your TBR look like for September? Let me know in the comments.

Buddy Reads

I literally squealed with joy when Our Violent Ends popped up on Netgalley and would have quite happily ignored by TBR and picked it up instantly, but Leah, Susan and I have decided to go through the trauma of this book together and we will be starting our buddy read around the 20th of this month. I seriously loved the first book and have mega high expectations for this. I haven’t actually heard much about The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina but it sounds really quirky, and I am a big fan of the authors previous work, also just look at how beautiful that cover is!! I couldn’t resist requesting it.


If Under the Whispering Door hits me anywhere near as much as Cerulean did then I will be a broken mess after reading this book, but I am totally here for it. Klune writes these incredibly relatable and lovable characters and I get myself far too invested in their lives. I’ve read some really positive reviews for it, and can’t wait to pick it up. Among Thieves is one I haven’t heard too much about but it sounds amazing. I mean the tagline is’ Who needs friends when you have Axes‘… you can’t possibly need more convincing than that. I’m on a blog tour for Luminous at the end of the month, I haven’t actually read anything by the author before, but between the cover and synopsis I knew I had to give this one a go.

Ok, so don’t shoot me but I didn’t love Caraval… I know I’m one of the few in this so fancied giving the author another go and what better way than with a brand new book set in the same world. Once Upon a Broken Heart sounds like it’s going to be an emotional and magical read and I am here for it. I cant tell you how excited I am for This Hollow Heart, especially after the ending of book one. Rotkoski’s writing style is just so beautiful and lyrical and I can’t wait to return to this magical world. Talk about shocker endings… The Last Graduate is a book I’ve wanted in my hands since I read the last line of book one. I’m a huge Novik fan and just love the idea for this series… I am ready to return to the scholomance.

September Releases

I would love to say that I have self control and wouldn’t throw my TBR out of the Window as soon as Empire of the Vampire drops into my lap, but that would be a lie. So instead, I made sure to add it to my monthly TBR. I’m seriously excited for this one, it’s a proper chunk but I simply can’t wait to get started on it. I was meant to buddy read Bronzed Beasts with Susan, but she got an arc and just couldn’t resist reading it straight away (can’t really blame her.) I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared for this series ender but I just need to know that all my faves make it out ok… they do right??


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  1. I had fun with Under the Whispering Door and hope you enjoy it, too! 😊 Marie Rutkoski really has the most gorgeous book covers! I haven’t read her books yet but I’m looking forward to giving them a try. And of course, I’m keen to check out EoTV—don’t think there’s enough hype around that one… Haha 😂

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    • Pahahaha yea I haven’t seen much about EOTV either 👀😂. I’m really looking forward to Under the Whispering Door (even though I know I’ll be lying in a puddle of my tears by the end 😂) and Rutkoski’s writing is as beautiful as her covers so you should definitely pick one of her books up 😊


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