Reasons why I love Reading – Top Ten Tuesday!

Hello, hello! I love the prompt for this weeks TTT post. There are so many reasons why I love reading, least of all because it lead me to start this blog and gave me the chance to interact with all you lovely people. But honestly there are a multitude of reasons why us book lovers enjoy reading so much whether it be the escapism, the ability to learn something new in a book, or the way you can almost feel like you are part of the story yourself. I’m going to highlight my main reasons for loving reading and can’t want to read everybody else’s posts this week.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Getting to travel without leaving my bed.

Whether it be getting to traverse a new fantasy world, or a galaxy far far away there is something magical about entering a new bookish world for the first time. World-building, when done right, can sometimes be my favourite part of a book. I’m always slightly awed at an authors ability to make a world up from scratch with it’s own history and beliefs, and knowing about the world I’m reading always makes me more invested and feel more involved in the book.

The ability to lean about other cultures as well as their mythology & folklore.

If you know me then you know if a book even mentions mythology or folklore it’s an instant add to my TBR. I live for learning about different cultures history and I’ve read some amazing books recently that really give us a deep dive into cultures that I love. From P. Djeli Clarks A Master of Djinn to Ava Reids The Wolf and the Woodsman, the authors manage to give us a well built fantasy world to dig our teeth into whilst also giving us a look into that cultures folklore and mythology.

The escapism.

More than one member of my family or friends will be able to recall a time when they have been having a conversation with me that I didn’t hear one word of because I was reading. I find it incredibly easy to remove myself from my everyday life and transport into whatever book I am reading, and there have been some that have grasped me so deeply it’s taken me a while to return to the real world.

Gave me the ability to make some great life long friends.

Reading, especially over the last few years, has opened me up to a world of like minded people who I can buddy read with, gush over books and become friends with. My family, and a lot of my friends aren’t very big readers, so I truly appreciate how reading has opened me up to this world of people who share my love for books, understand what it’s like to fall in love with a book character and to get so invested in a story that the ending breaks you.

Learning something new whenever I pick up a book.

Reading has opened up my learning about other culture, historical periods, vocabulary as well as creatures both mythical and real. I have always loved learning, and nearly every single book I read teaches me something new from a new word to a history I knew nothing about. I do get people wondering how you learn things from fiction books but all tales have a little bit of fact in them, some more obvious than others but it’s there all the same.

That’s all I can think of for now! There are probably a million other reasons I love reading, and I am looking forward to reading other peoples take on this prompt. Do you agree with my reasons? What do you love most about reading? Let me know in the comments.

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