Monthly TBR – July!

Hello, hello! It finally feels like summer here in the UK. We’ve had quite a bit of sunshine and I’ve enjoyed going out for walks and just enjoying not being cold anymore. I have a few plans for this month but the main one is going and visiting my Aunty who lives around 4.5 hours away, I haven’t seem them since before Covid and am looking forward to catching up. Reading wise last month was a bit of a wash out for me, I really struggled getting into books and my reading was taking me so much longer than usual. I managed to read 6 books, but that means that as well as my regular July TBR I’m going to have to try and catch up on the ones I missed out on from last month. My TBR for July consists of seven books, most of which are ARC’s as well as a few buddy reads dropped in, and hopefully I can catch up on the June books I missed bringing it to a total of 9.

Buddy Reads

I’ve been dying to read Six Crimson Cranes and am even more excited to be buddy reading it with Leah and Susan! I loved Lim’s previous series and after reading some reviews for this I just can’t wait to start it. You may all know that I’m a huge Moreno-Garcia fan and I’m really excited to be buddy reading Velvet Was the Night with Susan as it will be her first book by the author. I can’t say I’ve read many Noir books but if anyone can make me fall in love with them its Silvia Moreno-Garcia.


Just look at all these beauties! I am so incredibly excited to start She Who Became the Sun, I don’t think I’ve read a bad review for it yet and seeing as how much I love Mulan I can see this becoming a fast favourite. We Have Always Been Here had such an interesting premise I just couldn’t pass up requesting it on NG, plus I’m always up for adding a bit more sci-fi to my TBR and this fits the bill. These Hollow Vows has fae which is pretty much all it took for me to click that request button, another book I’ve read some raver views for and can’t wait to start. Hunt is the third book in Alexandria Warwicks North series and it took all my self control not to instantly start reading it when it arrived in my inbox. Filled with Inuit mythology and the slowest of slow burn romances I need to pick this up asap after the shock ending of book two.

June Releases

I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to these two last month! Black Water Sister sounded truly unique and I was so excited to finally read one of Cho’s books seeing as I already have two on my physical TBR. Witchshadow was a book I feel like I’ve waited an age for, but I realised that I really needed to re-read the first few books to get a proper understanding of what was happening (which is why I didn’t manage to get to it.) I only have Bloodwitch to go though and will hopefully be able to pick it up soon.


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    • Well fingers crossed we both love them all! Iโ€™m really excited for Black Water Sister & Hunt is the third book in one of my favourite series, books one and two are available on Kindle unlimited & I highly recommend if you like mythology in your fantasy and slow burn enemies to lovers ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. The cover for Hunt looks amazing! I still haven’t started Witchshadow either. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I really need to though!

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