Monthly TBR – June!

Hello! I know June technically starts tomorrow, but I figured I’d get in a little early and tell you all about my TBR for the month. I have 9 books to read in June, once again I may have gone a little crazy on the NG requests… I just can’t help myself. Most of the below are epic sounding fantasies, some with a little history thrown in and others set around folklore, mythology but I also have two adult thrillers to read this month. Susan has been slowly but surely introducing me to the genre, and while I haven’t necessarily loved the ones I’ve read so far, I have definitely enjoyed reading them. What do your June TBR’s look like? Let me know in the comments.

Buddy Reads!

I’m sure you’ll all be surprised when I say these buddy reads are both with Susan over at Novel Lives… she’s once again forced another adult thriller into my crazy TBR (but I will admit it does sound good!) Were both excited for A Radical Act of Free Magic after loving the first book last year, I seriously can’t wait to start it and see where the author takes the story.

Blog Tours!

I signed up for this SO FAST. Dave at The Write Reads is knocking it out of the park with some of their more recent blog tours, and I’m so incredibly excited to read this. I’ve heard from a few bloggers I trust that it’s twisty AF and I am here for it!


I’m lucky to have some amazing sounding arc’s on this months TBR! Monstrous Design is one I’ve been looking forward too after the shocker ending of book one. Star Eater sounds super creepy and has cannibal nuns which is pretty much all it took to sell me, and if you know me and folklore then you’ll know that The Wolf and the Woodsman is right up my street, and just look at how beautiful the cover is!

Ok, so I may have squealed for joy when my approvals came in for these three. I’ve been waiting to read Iseults book for SO LONG and seriously cannot wait to see what Dennard has in store for her readers. Black Water Sister sounds really quirky and unique, I’ve had a few of the authors books on my TBR for a while, but this will be the first I’ve read and I’m so excited to start. Tasha Suri became an instant favourite author of mine when I read Empire of Sand so I clicked request for Jasmine Throne sooo quickly. It’s had nothing but rave reviews so far, including a few from trusted blogger friends of mine so I can’t wait to read it.


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