Monthly TBR – May!

Ok. So I may have bitten off *slightly* more than I can chew this month. May apparently was a month that all the books I wanted to read came out, so my plan to only request a few on Netgally went down the drain. I’ve got a total of 10 books to be read, all of which are arcs (bye bye backlist) and some of these I will be buddy reading with Susan (in fact one she forced me to add to my TBR even though she knew how crazy it already was.) But I’m being positive, I’ve read 10 books before I can do it again right? Right guys?!? The bonus is that all these books sound amazing & I can’t wait to get to every single one! What do your TBR’s look like for May? Have you gone a little overboard with the request like me, or did you manage to control yourself? Let me know in the comments.

Buddy Reads

Susan and I are aiming for 4 buddy reads this month, although if we struggle For the Wolf is technically a June release so we can push that one back. In case it wasn’t obvious ‘The Plot‘ is the last minute addition to this months TBR, Susan is determined to drag me into her love of thrillers and I have to say the plot (pardon the pun) of this one does sound intriguing. I’m incredibly excited to read ‘A Master of Djinn‘ after reading the pre-novellas in March, and ‘Spell’s Trouble‘ sounds like it will be a quick and entertaining read. So fingers crossed we make it through all of these.


As soon as I saw Andy Weir had a new book out I just knew I had to read it. I loved The Martian and this one sounds like it will be equally quirky and humorous. I hadn’t actually heard of ‘Unwritten‘ before it popped up on NG, but after reading the premise I just had to request it : A girl gets dragged into a realm where books literally come to life and along with a cursed conjurer she has to navigate a world filled with Egyptian Gods and Regency Heroines, if she is to save her own world. ‘Illusionary‘ was a no brainer when it came to requesting, Incendiary was one of my favourite reads last year & I can’t wait to read the ending of Renata’s story.

I can’t actually remember where I heard about Blackheart Knights but it’s been on my TBR for nearly a year now. Set in a Gotham style city but with Arthurian Knights riding on motorbikes… I wont lie when I say I was definitely intrigued by the premise. This is my first book by the author and I hope I love it. I’ve read a few early reviews for ‘The Kingdoms‘ and I have to say it sounds amazing, but also like it might hurt my brain a little (which I’m more than ready for.) This is another first by the author for me, though I do have a few of her previous books on my TBR. The first thing that attracted me to ‘ThreadNeedle‘ was the cover… I mean look at how pretty it is! But add in a hidden city filled with magic & a girl bound to use it?!? I’m sold!


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  1. I’m reading A Master of Djinn too! The Plot was pretty good, and I’m super jealous that you get to read For the Wolf. I can’t wait to do another buddy read with you (but clearly you’ve got your hands full this month) 😂

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