The Derry Girls Book Tag!

Hello hello! Today I’m taking part in the ‘Derry Girls Book Tag’ that I saw over on Livys Blog! I’m a huge fan of the series, so couldn’t resist taking part in this one. The tag was created by Aoife. Also, go check out Livy’s blog because she posts some great content.


Erin – a book it took time to warm to

A Deadly Education

It took me a good long while to get into this book, there is ALOT of introspection as well as a few info dumps early on. I’m glad I stuck with it though cause after the first 15% or so the story really picks up and I ended up loving it.

Michelle – your favourite strong female character

The City of Brass

I love this series & a big part of that is because of Nahri! She is incredibly strong and resilient, even after being dumped into a city and world she had no idea existed, but she also has flaws that just make her that much more realistic as a character.

Clare – an LGBT romance (bonus points if it’s an F/F romance!)

A Dark and Hollow Star

This book actually has two LGBT romances, one F/F and one M/M. Both are brilliantly written, filled with angst and made me want to jump in the book & smack the characters heads together.

Orla – a character with their head in the clouds

The Light Between Worlds

I loved this book, Evelyn is stuck in a world where she feels she doesn’t belong, longing to return to the ‘magical’ one she travelled to as a child. Her character will resonate with anyone who ever walked into their wardrobe hoping there would be a door to Narnia at the back & it’s her wish to return to this other world that makes her seem a little ‘away with the fairies.’

James – a translated book

The Master and Margarita

This book was recommended to me by Katherine Arden herself as a book to read for lovers of her Winternight series It’s been on my TBR for an age now & I really hope I’ll get to pick it up soon.

Sister Michael – a book you studied at school

I read this for GCSE English, and although I enjoyed it back then I’m not sure it’s one I would like if I picked it up now.

Granda Joe – a grumpy character you can’t help but love


The Dragon is a definite grump, but I loved seeing Agnieszka slowly bringing down his walls through this book.

Ma Mary and Da Gerry – your favourite bookish parents

So, apparently I read ALOT of book with unhealthy/absent parents relationships lol, so this was harder to come up with a book than I thought. I love Percy’s mum in this series though, she may not play a huge part but she is more than willing to fight for her son, even if that means fighting Gods.

Jenny Joyce – your favourite bookish clever clogs


Cress is a massive Brainiac & also one of my favourite characters of the series. She’s more technological than bookish smart, but I would definitely want her around as my tech support.

Aunt Sarah – a book with a pretty cover

The Priory of the Orange Tree

This is such an amazing cover! Dragons on the cover instantly pique my interest, and luckily this book was just as beautiful inside as out.

Uncle Colm – a book you can’t shut up about


I love this book/series so much & never hesitate to recommend it to pretty much everyone. Based on Inuit mythology, with great rep and slow burn enemies to lovers, it has pretty much everything I love in a book. The third book is out later this year and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.


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  1. I don’t know the Derry girls but I loved the questions here! I’m not sure what I’d pick – even for a book I wouldn’t shut up about. This was fun – thanks for sharing!

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