Books I Wanted to Yeet into the Ocean After Finishing – Top Ten Tuesday!

We’ve all been there right? You’re reading a book, it ends and all that comes out of your mouth is ‘Darling, Fucking what?’

I just love this weeks TTT prompt, and instead of choosing books I wanted to throw into the Ocean because I didn’t like them, I’ve decided to highlight 10 books I wanted to throw because they ended on THE BIGGEST CLIFFHANGERS and left me an emotional wreck, swearing at the top of my lungs, curled into a ball wondering why the author wants to play with my heart like that. These books are all parts of a series whose endings have usually left me with just one word in my vocabulary after finishing it… FUCK! What books have left you in one, if not all, of these states? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for more books to torture myself with.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Godsgrave – Jay Kristoff

Is anyone surprised that Kristoff made this list? If you are then you’ve clearly never read one of his books. The shock of this ending made sure it was a good few days before I picked up another book. I kept going back to it thinking ‘he can’t really have ending it like that.’ Reader, he did.

Aurora Burning – Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

Now this book! This book had me swearing, curled up into a ball and an emotional wreck. Authors should not be able to end books like that, and they certainly shouldn’t get as much pleasure from tormenting their readers as much as these two do!

We Hunt the Flame – Hafsah Faizal

We get a lot of shock reveals in this book, a beloved character dies and then it ended and I was all ‘WTF! You cannot make me wait a year to find out what happens!’

The Mask Falling – Samantha Shannon

12 years! 12 years I waited for this book only to be emotionally ruined and destroyed by the ending. Ok, so the 12 years was a *slight* exaggeration, but my emotional state at the end of this book was not at all.

Night – Alexandria Warwick

There were A LOT of reveals in this book, hints at who certain characters could be and then the author just goes and ends it on a HUGE cliffhanger that I had to re-read twice to make sure I had read it right. And now I’m just sitting here, ‘patiently’ waiting for her to get in touch with an arc of book three.

Kingdom of Copper – S.A. Chakraborty

I mean! Talk about ending a book on a cliffhanger and making your readers an emotional mess in one go! Kingdom of Copper built and built to a crescendo and then the bloody thing ended and I had to wait a whole year to find out what happened to my faves… NOT FAIR!

The Dragon Republic – R.F. Kuang

Fuck me the ending of this book just absolutely destroyed me. They’re not the lightest books in general lets be honest, but hooey was I not prepared for than ending… Did I cry, too bloody right I did, and I did it again when I tortured myself with a re-read before the final book came out.

King of Scars – Leigh Bardugo

When I say that I had no bloody idea how this book was going to end, I’m not lying. When I say I shouted ‘What the absolute fuck.’ after finishing it, I’m also not lying. I know some people weren’t the biggest fan on the ending, but Bardugo sure knows how to get her readers eager to get their hands on the next book.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken

A Heart so Fierce and Broken

I was reading the end of this book going ‘no! Don’t do it. Don’t end it like that’ and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse the author chucks the last chapter at us and my. Heart. Broke… safe to say I’m preparing myself mentally and emotionally to read the last book in the trilogy.

The Prison Healer

The Prison Healer

This is a recent addition, as I only finished the book a few days ago, but as soon as I finished it I knew it had to be added. The ending of this book had me shouting WTF very loudly & then instantly going and requesting an arc of book 2 from Netgalley!

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  1. Great list! So many cliffhangers haah! I really need to continue with We Hunt the Flame and King of Scars!


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