Book Locations I’d Love to be Transported To – Top Ten Tuesday!

One of the things that makes us as readers incredibly lucky is the ability to transport ourselves out of our everyday lives and into the world of whatever book we are reading. There are some that we most likely would not survive in, some we wouldn’t want to visit & others that, if given the chance, we would pack up our bags and move there. I really liked the idea for this weeks TTT, even though I feel like I get transported to the location of every book I read, actually having the chance to visit them physically would be a whole different thing, and something I would jump at. The books and locations below are some of my all time favourites, and I wouldn’t hesitate in choosing them as a place to live. What book location would you like to transport yourself too? Let me know in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Red London – A Darker Shade of Magic

The London we know and love but with magic! Yes please. Schwab’s descriptions make this sound like a truly magical place, plus the chance to run into Kell and my all time fave Lila… what more could I want.

Nadežra -The Mask of Mirrors

Just imagine the gowns, and the parties, all the regency romance vibes*sigh*. I had serious clothes envy whilst reading this book, and would love to be able to travel to this magical world.

This Eternity of Masks and Shadows

A world where gods from all different mythologies roam the earth… pretty much my dream if i’m being honest. I love how this world isn’t centred around a specific mythology, plus it comes with all the modern conveniences that we know and love.

Cairo – A Dead Djinn in Cairo

Steampunk Cairo, filled with magic and Djinn… count me in. I may have only read a little about this world in the two Novellas out, but it has cemented itself as a place I would love to be transported too.

Marsyas Island Orphanage – The House in the Cerulean Sea

I’ve never read a book before that made me feel like I was joining a family until I had read this. I would love to spend my days on the Island, looking after the children and going on adventures.

Velaris – A Court of Mist and Fury

I mean, if I were going to live anywhere in Prythian it would be Velaris, The City of Stars. Not just because of all the hunky fae that live there, but it just sounds like such a beautiful & safe place to live, but yea… mainly for the hunky fae that live there.

Daevabad – City of Brass

I remember reading COB for the first time & just being so enamoured and blown away by the world, filled with magic and Djinn, I really couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be transported too.

Camp Half-Blood – Percy Jackson

According to the quiz on Rick’s website I’m a proud daughter of Poseidon… not sure how my seasickness will help with it but if it means I get to spend my days in Camp Half-Blood, learning all about the Greek Gods and training as a Demi-God, well then… count me in.

Space – Aurora Rising

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with space & I would love to spend my days exploring it with the likes of Squad 312, meeting new (friendly) species, travelling to distant planets.

Inys – Priory of the Orange Tree

A world filled with Dragons! Need I say any more?!? Shannon brings the continent in this book to life with her writing style and I could absolutely imagine myself living there.

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