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Big thank you to Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant for tagging me in this! She runs a great blog that you should definitely got anc check out. This tag was created by Just Dreamland.


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Ok! So I’m a Capricorn which apparently means i’m ambitious, persistent, realistic, practical and disciplined…

but anyway… here’s the tag.

This book completely blew me away and was certainly powerful and compelling. I loved following the story of the Eastwood sisters and can’t tell you how much this book and the characters resonated with me.

These Violent Delights went from enemies to lovers and back to enemies, and had all the angst. Roma and Juliet are members of warring gangs who absolutely cannot be together. Unfortunately the heart wants what the heart wants.

Between Finn and Scar this book is filled with witty and snarky comments. I love this series so much and am ready for book three to destroy me.

This book was so beautifully written and incredibly bittersweet. It didn’t end on the best note, in fact it was pretty sad, but I loved it so much.

This book was definitely filled with all the drama, plenty of romance but the outfits… my god the outfits. They were described so vividly and I would absolutely love to be able to wear one of the dresses our heroine dons.

The House in the Cerulean Sea ticks off every single on of the above. It’s such a fun and beautifully written story that wrapped me in a massive hug whilst reading.

Ignoring the fantasy elements this book is a really good example of ‘gang’ life. How just because you’re the ‘good guys’ doesn’t mean you’re good. Fonda Lee really gets into the nitty gritty of human behaviour and writes the most ‘real to life’ characters of any book I’ve read.

Whew did this book give me the creeps. Everything from the setting to the characters, and lets just say It’s a good job I already wasn’t a fan of mushrooms going into this because eww.

Ok so not technically a ‘summer’ read with it being set in space and all BUT It’s filled with adventure and some amazingly written charcters.

I love me a found family and this series has one of my all time favourites. The Zumra are the strength of this story and the world they inherit would not have been the same had this miss match of people not become friends.

This was definitely a quirky read. The first and second halves of the books could potentially read as different stories, but it was incredibly well written and the characters were just *chefs kiss*.

This is an all time favourite series of mine & I was definitely enchanted by Vasya’s story and Arden’s lyrical writing style.

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  1. Now, how exactly am I supposed to complete this book tag when half of my answers are already listed as your answers???? SERIOUSLY BECKY! haha
    This one is definitely going to take some serious thought, I can already tell. And as for the descriptions, I can only speak for mine (Aquarius) but I’m definitely quirky and unique! Thanks for the tag.

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