Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday! It’s Time to showcase some of my favourite posts from the last week. As always please feel free to take part if you want to.

The Rules:

  1. You have to highlight one review, one booktag/meme & one general bookish style post.
  2. Remember to link back to the creator of the post & include a brief description as to why you have picked this specific post.
  3. Link back to me ( mainly so I can find new awesome blogs to follow.)
  4. Tag 3 people to take part in the post next week 

Favourite Review

Meaghan @ Hail & Well Read – The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Durst

I will admit I was wary about picking this book up, but honestly after reading Meaghan’s review I added this one to my TBR so fast! I love books that focus on what happens after the hero has saved the world and add in necromancy, a banter filled cast and romance and I’m hooked! I love the layout of Meaghan’s review and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the book.

“If you’ve ever enjoyed Gideon the Ninth or any story with a hopeful, happy ending (or if you like both, both is good), then The Bone Maker might be for you! Between its fascinating applications of necromancy, its charming and full-hearted characters, and a big bad worth the big showdown, I can’t recommend it enough. “

Favourite Tag/Meme

Kimberly @ My Bookish Bliss – The 20 Questions Book Tag

Kimberly is such a lovely member of the bookish community & I really enjoyed reading her answers to this tag! These kind of posts always give us such a great insight into the blogger & I always enjoy reading them.

4. Favourite book?

So easy! My favourite book is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. This book was my first foray into classical literature and I have loved it ever since. I couldn’t imagine a world where Sense and Sensibility didn’t exist.”

Favourite General Bookish

Jodie @ Witty & Sarcastic Book Club – The Tropening: Book Tropes that I love (or hate)

Jodie is a favourite blogger of mine & a really supportive member of the blogging community. I just love how she uses this post to highlight some of her favourite, or not so favourite tropes & talks about how, if done well some can absolutely make or break a book. I agree with so many of her opinions & had a lot of fun reading this post.

“I’m immortal!“- Authors spend a ton of time on their characters, so of course it’s hard to say goodbye. However, when a character is being constantly put into situations that they shouldn’t survive, and they survive anyway, it lessens the stakes of a book.”


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