March TBR!

Hello hello! How is it March already!?! February absolutely flew by, but I am looking forward to Spring coming round and getting a little more daylight. I had a slightly slower reading month in Feb only getting through 7 books as well as one DNF. This month I have a mega TBR ahead of me, including 7 arc’s as well as a few books off my TBR/publisher copies I would like to get through. Luckily a few of these will be buddy reads with Susan so I will have someone to scream at. What does your TBR look like for March? Let me know in the comments.

Buddy Reads

Susan and I are going to be smashing out the buddy reads this month! Two of these are actually April arc’s but we need to get to them a little earlier for blog tours. I hadn’t actually heard of The Ladies of the Secret Circus until Susan mentioned it but it sounds like it will be one beautiful read. The story spans over a century and focuses on a generational curse claiming payment for the women in a family for generations. I would have picked The Light of the Midnight Stars up based on the cover alone but luckily the synopsis sounds right up my street. Filled with magic , history and Jewish folklore I can’t wait to start it. These Feathered Flames has been on my TBR since it was announced last year & I was so excited to be accepted on the blog tour for it. I mean ‘A Queer retelling of a Russian folklore’ … I was definitely going to be picking this book up.


As you can see I’m doing REALLY well on not requesting arc’s from NG… yea ok, I’m failing miserably. But I mean, who can resist all these! The Absolute Book sounds super quirky and a few authors I love have raved about it, so clicking that request button was a no brainer. The Second Bell is based around pre-christian slavic folklore and is filled with demons and mythology, and I cant wait to read it. I really enjoyed Fable so requesting Namesake was a very easy choice, I know this will be a fast read so won’t take too much of my reading time up. Sistersong is actually an April release but with it being April 1st I would like to read it this month if I can. I’ve only heard good things about this one so far plus it was sold as for fans of Naomi Novik… so yea, I’m excited.

Backlog Books/publisher copies.

I am determined to read A Court of Silver Flames this month! Even with it being over 800 pages I think I will get through it relatively quickly, mainly cause I feel like I have been waiting for this story for an age. Lots of bloggers I trust have loved it so fingers crossed I will too. Warmaidens and City of the Uncommon Thief were both books I was meant to read in February but as you can see, that never happened. I’m excited to read the sequel to Gravemaidens after loving the first book and City of the Uncommon Thief sounds different but in a good way.


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  1. Ooh, looks like you’re set for a great month of reading! I also got the ARC for Namesake and I’m really keen to see where the story goes because I loved Fable! 😍 I’m really curious what you’ll think of ACOSF when you read it, Becky! I’ve heard mostly good things but heard some mixed reviews as well so I’m waffling on whether to pick it up or not. Happy reading!

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    • Thanks Dini! I enjoyed Fable so looking forward to Namesake. I’ve also heard mixed reviews for ACOSF but I still think I will love it cause it’s Nesta and Cassion and I love them 😂


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