Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday all! It’s Time to showcase some of my favourite posts from the last week. As always please feel free to take part if you want to.

The Rules:

  1. You have to highlight one review, one booktag/meme & one general bookish style post.
  2. Remember to link back to the creator of the post & include a brief description as to why you have picked this specific post.
  3. Link back to me ( mainly so I can find new awesome blogs to follow.)
  4. Tag 3 people to take part in the post next week :D.

Favourite Review.

Robin @ Paperbacks and Planners – Book Reviews: Recent Historical Fiction Reads

I cheated a little this week because Robin’s post contains 3 reviews but I love how, though little, they still pack a punch and managed to convince me to add a few to my TBR.

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner – I loved the grey morality and feminist themes throughout this book. I loved the characters, the writing, and the audiobook narration was absolutely fantastic.

Favourite Tag/Meme.

Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads – [Tag] The Survive or Die Bookish Tag!

The effort and time that Leelynn has put into this post is amazing! It looks brilliant and I really enjoyed reading it. I’ve actually never seen this tag before but it’s really cool, and I might have to steal it for my blog at some point.

“Honestly, I feel like Juliette would be tired of everyone’s shit if she stayed there for very long. Sure, there aren’t any gangs with a long history of feuding between one another… and sure maybe the monsters in 1920’s Shanghai aren’t the same as the ones the Sailor Scouts deal with on a regular basis. Would Juliette even be a fellow Sailor Scout? I highly doubt it. No, I think she would use her skills to hustle the Negaverse monsters and figure out what’s what before the first couple of episodes. Oh wait…”

Favourite general bookish post.

Amy @ A Fangirl Opinion – My Favourite Meet-Cutes in YA Fiction | Romance Week 2021

I love this idea for a post! Almost as much as I love a meet-cute and Amy has highlighted some absolutely brilliant ones, from some amazing books.

Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – The ultimate enemies-to-lovers duo and a classic fictional couple that I can’t help but adore.”


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