December TBR!

Hi all! Are you excited that it’s nearly Christmas, cause I am. Still being in Tier 3 sucks a little but if there is one bonus it means plenty of time for reading. Apart from a few surprise add on’s I stuck to my November TBR and managed to read a total of 12 books. This months titles are going to be a mix of ARC’s, buddy reads, blog tours as well as a re-read in anticipation for the new book. But. Some of these may change a little because I’ve fallen back into mood reading a little at the moment, so keep your fingers crossed I get through most of these.


These are all Jan/Feb ARC’s so I’m not going to be overly fussed if I don’t get to them this month. The majority of these are all new to me authors and range from epic to quirky fantasy. I will definitely be picking up The Mask Falling this month as I have been re-reading the first 3 books in the series and know I will have to pick it up straight away.

Buddy Reads

Susan ( Novel Lives) and I are back with our buddy reads. It’s been a good few months since we have read a book together and I miss our chats and crazy theories when we buddy read. We are planning to do Plain Bad Heroines first and also The Gilded Ones if we can fit it in, which I hope we can because both these books sound amazing.

Blog Tours

I have another Write Reads tour post this month for Amari and the Night Brother. The book sounds amazing and I’m forever grateful to Dave for bringing us these brilliant books. My post for Cast in Firelight isn’t until January but I’m hoping to schedule it in advance if I can.

Re-Reads and Other Books

I’m reading The Song Rising as we speak, it’s a re-read for me but it had been so long since I read the series originally I knew I would have to have a refresh. The Angel of the Crows and The Bone Ships are both off my Netgalley backlog and I’m hoping to give them a read so I can get my % closer to that ever elusive 80%.

I also have one more Secret BBNYA book that I need to read before the 12th, but I can’t tell you what it’s called!

And that’s it for December! 13 books might be a little much but I’m hoping to get through a big chunk of these in the weeks to come.


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