If I Could Turn Back Time – Top Ten Tuesday!

This weeks prompt was books I want to read again, so I’ve decided to highlight the 10 books/series that I wish I could experience for the first time. Sometimes, if I leave it long enough before re-reading I will manage to forget little plot points, but most of the bigger ones come back to me as I go along which ruins the surprise. Some of these are series I am seriously overdue a re-read for, and some are more recent reads that I just wish I could read again from fresh. Even though I’ve slowed down on my re-reading recently, especially since I’m trying to work through my ridiculous ARC backlog, I’m definitely hope to get round to these sometime soon.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

The Winternight Trilogy

Russian Folklore, a determined heroine, slow burn and bittersweet romance and lots of cute (and some not so cute) creatures… what more could you want? It’s been an age since I read this series and this is the perfect time of year to give it a re-read! Hopefully, since it’s been so long, I might get an almost fresh start.

The Daevabad Trilogy

I had every intention of re-reading the first two books in this trilogy before Empire of Gold came out, but then I got accepted for the ARC on Netgalley and just couldn’t wait. I love this series so much, it’s filled with brilliantly written characters, mythology, slow burn romance and a truly epic world.

A Darker Shade of Magic

It’s been 5 years! 5 years I tell you since I read this for the first time, so when I eventually get round to giving it a re-read I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be almost like reading it for the first time. Lila Bard it one of my all time favourite female characters, and I can’t wait to dive back into Red London with her and Kell.

Gods of Jade and Shadow

I only read this last year but it, and the author, became a fast favourite of mine. It was so beautifully written, filled with boat loads of mythology, and truly brilliant heroine and a dreamy God of the underworld. Luckily this is a standalone,even if I would LOVE for another book to be written, so I’m hoping to fit a re-read of this in sooner rather than later.

Shadow of the Fox

The last book in this trilogy destroyed me when I read it earlier this year, but I am more than ready to dive back in, maybe slightly more emotionally prepared than last time. This series has one of my all time favourite literary gangs, filled with mythology and swoon worthy romance.

Nevernight trilogy

Mr Kristoff does what no other author does, he actually writes little catch-up’s at the beginning of each of his books which is an absolute life saver when you don’t have time to read the previous books. That being said, I remember being so shocked when I first read Nevernight, the absolute no fucks given writing style and violence were like nothing I had read before and I am eager to delve back into Mia’s world.


I am ‘hoping’ to re-read this series before the new book is released next year, mainly because SO much happens in them, and there are so many bits that link to plot lines in the first few books that I just know I will get confused otherwise. But truthfully I don’t need a reason to dive back into this brilliantly built world, Isuelt and Safi are the best, and I am here for Baeduan.

Rebel of the Sands

Amani and Jin are my OTP, but as well as the steamy romance this series has some amazing non romantic relationships as well. Another book filled with mythology (would it be me if this wasn’t mostly mythology based?) Fast paced, filled with adventure, betrayal and some epic fight scenes… this is my go to comfort read so I don’t think I’ll ever get that first time read with this again.

The Once and Future Witches

Ok, so yes. I only read this like 2 months ago but it was SO GOOD. This book really resonated with me and though it was slow going I was completely hooked from the get go. Filled with characters that are so real they jump off the page, brilliantly written relationships sibling, friend and romantic and magic.. lots and lots of magic. Also James Juniper Jones is my fave and I love her.


I actually did re-read this not long ago after the torturous wait for book two and I forgot just how good it was! A Sci-Fi fantasy filled with mythology, forbidden romance and epic political scheming. It was almost like reading it for the first time which was a truly amazing experience, but I would love to read it again now the second book is out.

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  1. What an awesome list! I aim to read all of these. I just finished The Once and Future Witches and agree that it is such a wonderful book. I think Alix E. Harrow is one of my favorite authors now.

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  2. Great list, Becky! It’s been aaages since I read ADSOM as well and that’s a book I’d definitely love to reread but also one that I’m scared to reread because I’m keen on preserving my pure love for that book 😂 I’ve been planning to reread The Bear and the Nightingale as well so that I can finally finish the rest of the series! And lol Nevernight… Oh, that book 💔🖤🖤🖤 I’d definitely reread it again but still with the audiobook coz it was fantastic!

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    • Hahaha I’m with you on ADSOM, I really want to re-read it but then will it live up to the love I have for it 😂. There are just too many new books & too many old ones I want to re-read… I need more time!!!


  3. I really wish more authors would write catchups at the start of their books like Kristoff does 😂 It’d go a long way in making sure that I actually *finish* the series that I start instead of putting them off cos I can’t remember what happened LOL lots of these are still on my TBR but you’ve also listed some faves that I think will probs end up being like first-time reads if I reread them!

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