Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday! Time to showcase some of my favourite posts from the last week. As always please feel free to take part if you want to.

The Rules:

  1. You have to highlight one review, one booktag/meme & one general bookish style post.
  2. Remember to link back to the creator of the post & include a brief description as to why you have picked this specific post.
  3. Link back to me ( mainly so I can find new awesome blogs to follow.)
  4. Tag 3 people to take part in the post next week :D.

Favourite Review

Ellie @ Read to Ramble – Book Review and Blog Tour The Cousins by Karen M. McManus

Ellie is such a brilliant blogger and such a supportive and lovely bookish friend. Her reviews are always amazing and she breaks them down to give us a better understanding of the book as a whole.

“I gave this book 4 stars, I really enjoyed it. It definitely surprised me, I knew I was going to like it when I started it, but I had no idea where it was going, and it ended up being a really clever plot twist.”

Favourite Tag/Meme Post

Blair @ Feed the Crime – Book Tag… Do I Have That Book

Blair is such a great blogger and never fails to give me book recommendations to fill my crime fiction void. I really enjoyed reading this tag and seeing the variety of books on her shelf.


Reflection by Elizabeth Lim

This is part of the twisted Disney series and the tagline is “What if Mulan had to travel to the Underworld?” Mulan is my favourite Disney movie, I believe it is so underrated so I would like to get to this at some point in the near future.”

Favourite General Bookish Post

Susan @ Novel Lives – Master of One Authors Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett Discuss Their Twisted Author Soles in a TBR Tour Interview.

Susan is my bookish bestie and one of my favourite bloggers! She never fails to add a ridiculous amount of books to my TBR, and some of my favourite posts of hers are her author interviews. She asks some out there questions and always brings a bit of humour.

“When Master of One was first announced, I went ballistic, and Master of One did not disappoint. When I put this interview together, I couldn’t wait to dive in with Danielle Bennet and Jaida Jones, not just about the Fae but the magic system, themes, and trajectory. And they did not disappoint in their demented thought process, in developing this amazing debut.”


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