The Liebster Award

Thanks to Danni over at _Forbookssake for nominating me for this award! Danni is such a brilliant blogger and posts some brilliant content so be sure to go and check her out.


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What is your favourite book of the year so far?

Ooooh such a hard question to start off with! I’ve been a a little spoilt this year with 5* reads so I’m not sure I can pick just one so I’m gonna cheat 😂: The Court of Miracles, Seven Devils, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and Once and Future Witches just to name a few.

Who are your auto-buy authors?

I have so many now; Sylvia Moreno Garcia, Samantha Shannon, Jay Kristoff, Victoria Schwab, Alix E Harrow & S.A. Chakraborty off the top of my head.

Describe your idea reading nook?

Anywhere I’m cosy really 🤷🏼‍♀️. I’m a little like a cat in that regard, as long as I can curl up somewhere warm and get snuggly then I’m happy.

Do you make monthly TBR’s or are you a mood reader?

I didn’t used to mainly because I am the worst mood reader! But after my Netgalley % got a little out of hand I realised I had to at least try and stick to a tbr to get through them. Luckily I’ve managed to stick to them over the last few months, but we’ll see how long it will last.

Which book are you most excited to read?

For this year? Has to be The Burning God. I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on the final book in Kuangs trilogy, but think I’m going to have to emotionally prepare myself beforehand.

Which book/series do you think is underrated?

The North Series by Alexandria Warwick! She has two books out so far ‘Below’ and ‘Night’ and it’s such a brilliant fantasy series. Filled with amazing world building, boat loads of Inuit mythology, great disability rep and a slow burn enemies to lovers romance… what more do you want 🤷🏼‍♀️.

What is your favourite book to screen adaptation?

I really like The Martian! I loved the book & the film stayed so loyal to the original plot and characters.

Which book would you like to see adapted to screen?

Ok so I’m gonna try and pick one that hasn’t been optioned in some way yet… I think Seven Devils by Laura Lam & Elizabeth May would make a brill sci-fi series, and I would love to see their characters brought to life!

Is there any genre you definitely wouldn’t ever read?

Probably erotica, I’m all for a little romance and smut if it’s part of a bigger story line but having it as the main plot? Not really my thing.

Do you prefer physical books or digital books?

Physical books cause I am such a sucker for a pretty cover. However, I do read a lot faster on my e-reader so I don’t mind both.

You can have dinner with 3 fictional characters, who do you choose?

Hmmm… Delilah Bard, Nina Zenik & James Juniper Eastwood.

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My Questions:

  1. Whats your most anticipated 2021 debut?
  2. What are your top 3 books by POC?
  3. How do you take notes when reading? Do you tab or highlight etc.
  4. If you could have an animal sidekick what would you choose?
  5. What are your favourite and least favourite tropes?
  6. What are your main hobbies outside of reading?
  7. What is your dream job?
  8. Link to a favourite post of yours by another blogger.
  9. What are the top 3 books on your Christmas wishlist?
  10. What are your go to genres, and are there any you avoid?
  11. What is it that makes you pick up a book?


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  1. Woohoo, thanks for the tag! Loved reading your answers as well 🙂 I’d love to go to a waffle house with Nina 😂! Kristoff and Schwab are two auto-buy authors for me as well! I’m still waiting on my copy of Addie LaRue to arrive but I’m soo tempted to get the audiobook and start reading it already 😂 Can’t wait to answer your questions now!

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