Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday! I’ve decided to break off from my usual ‘First Lines Friday’ posts and try something a little different. From now on my Fridays will be spent showcasing some of my favourite bookish posts I’ve read over the past week. I’m going to make this into a meme style post so please feel free to try it out for yourselves and if it flops… you never saw it 😂.

The Rules:

  1. You have to highlight one review, one booktag/meme & one general bookish style post.
  2. Remember to link back to the creator of the post & include a brief description as to why you have picked this specific post.
  3. Link back to me ( mainly so I can find new awesome blogs to follow.)
  4. Tag 3 people to take part in the post next week :D.

Favourite Review:

Hedwig’s world review of The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow

I loved this book when I read it, and Hedwig’s review made me fall in love all over again. You can tell this book affected her emotionally, and reviews where the you can feel the bloggers emotions coming through are some of my fave!

“There is no way I found to see yourself in one of the sisters, but there’s a bit of each of them I can see in my own personality and I think that’s one of the things that people will hang on to after reading this book.”

Favourite tag/meme post:

Dini Panda Read’s Top Ten Tuesday – It’s not always about books.

Dini is one of my favourite bloggers! She never fails to add books to my TBR. But the thing I liked about this post is getting info about her outside of blogging and books. Dini tell’s us about some of her favourite things to do outside of reading, and we have so much in common.

Bingeing Criminal Minds & Grey’s Anatomy – I’ve been obsessed with these two shows since the very beginning and they’re the ones I come back to time and again. They’re my favourite “comfort shows” even though one is gruesome and about serial killers, while the other is often OTT drama; but it just works for me!”

Favourite general bookish post:

Sammie’ s (The Bookwyrm’s Den) 10 Sci-fi Novels for Fantasy Readers

Sammie is such a brilliant blogger and this list reminded me of all the books on my TBR I need to read asap. She includes some amazing sounding books, by some of my all time favourite authors, and even gives us reasons why fantasy readers will love these books!

Reasons to Read:

  • post-Age of Mortality world where people don’t die.
  • They just … you know … go deadish for a while.

I had a lot of fun scrolling through WordPress to find these and am definitely going to make it a weekly thing! Please feel free to take part. This week I’m going to tag:

Jodie – Witty and Sarcastic BookClub

Ellie – Read to Ramble

Leah – Leah’s Books


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  1. Aaaw, yay! Thanks so much for featuring my post, Becky!! 🥰 You’re one of my favourite bloggers too and I’m so glad I ‘met’ you through the community! ❤️ This is a fab idea to do every week! Great post!

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