Hallotober Book Tag!


Thanks to Leah @ Leahs-Books for tagging me in this spooky looking seasonal book tag! Leah has a great blog that you should totally go check out. I’m such a wimp so don’t be too surprised if I struggle to answer some of these or if the books I pick aren’t true horrors!

Hallotober Rules

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post 
  2. Put the rules at the beginning or after introduction
  3. Answer the 13 questions 
  4. Tag 13 people to do the tag 
  5. Delete Question 13, add a new number one question of your own
  6. You are free to use the tag image somewhere in the post


What is your favourite horror novel or short story?

Ok, so I’m just gonna put this out there from the offset… I am a huge wimp! Like major, hide behind cushions, jump out of my skin kind of wimp. So don’t be too surprised if my answers lean towards the lighter side.

I read a Novella earlier this year called ‘Matriarch’ by Adam Wing, whilst most of the book isn’t really scary, the end gave me major chills. It’s open ending leaving just enough to your imagination.

What was the last Halloween costume you wore?

Oh god! The last time I dressed up for Halloween was a few years ago and I went as Edward Scissorhands… not the best look I will admit.

What is your favourite fall snack?

Hmmm… Not really a snack but, though I’m not a big hot drink fan, come Autumn I like to treat myself to a hot chocolate, especially when Costa bring out their Christmas range.

Do you carve pumpkins?

I’ve only ever done this once and the mess! It was fun, but 4 kids carving pumpkins might not have been the best idea!

Do you prefer horror movies or stories?

Neither… If I have to pick though it would be movies, mainly because I have too vivid imagination, so with books if something isn’t described well then my imagination tends to head towards the scarier side.

What is your favourite Halloween story?

I don’t really think I have one. My favourite Halloween memory however was taking a trip to Pendle Hill with friends a few years ago, Everyone was dressed up as witches and it was such a fun and spooky event.

Do you prefer to give out candy or get candy?

I actually really like giving out candy, mainly cause I love seeing all the cute kids in their costumes.

Do you decorate for Halloween or fall?

We used to when we were younger but not so much now… I kinda miss it tbh.

Do you have a favourite urban legend? If so what is it?

I don’t think I do. I’m not sure there are any near me.

Would you rather spend a night in a graveyard or a haunted house?

Hahahahaha. Neither. If I had to pick maybe a graveyard… bit more of an open space, less creaky stairs etc.

What is your favourite spooky movie?

Does Hocus Pocus count? No? Ok then… the scariest movie I’ve ever seen was the Japanese version of the Grudge, that kept me away for a good few nights afterwards. I tend to like more psychological thrillers which can be just as scary as horror.

Who is your favourite character from a horror movie or book?

Again this is gonna be a struggle because I don’t really watch/read them. I like Brian Cox’s Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter… definitely gives off those creepy vibes.

What kind of book always puts you in the autumn/Halloween mood?

I’m not sure why but I tend to like reading books with lyrical writing/really beautiful prose when it comes to Autumn. I’ve just recently finished The Once and Future Witches by Alix. E Harrow and her writing blew me away.

I’m not going to tag anyone specifically but please feel free to take part!


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