Meet The Characters – Night by Alexandria Warwick

I will forever be grateful for Alexandria contacting me asking for a review for ‘Below‘ the first book in the North series. I absolutely fell in love with the world and the characters she created and will continue throwing this series at people until it gets the love it deserves. I recently read ‘Night‘ book 2 in the series which if possible was better than book one, and because we get introduced to a whole host of new characters (all of whom I love) and get a much deeper insight to our MC’s, I asked Alexandria if she would create a ‘meet the characters’ style post and luckily she said yes. Please be warned that the information may contain slight spoilers for ‘Below’.

Apaay is not the same person she was prior to the labyrinth. Her emotions flit from apathy to fury to despair, unaware that she is suffering from PTSD. She struggles to find a sense of place and belonging now that she is trapped in the home of her greatest enemy, the Face Stealer. Apaay will do anything in her power to break the oath binding her to the demon—even if that means placing trust in the wrong people.

The Face Stealer has many motives, and none clear, for he walks a fine line between human and demon. We are given background into his past in his attempt to win over Apaay’s trust, though it does not come easily for either. The Face Stealer is a man of many faces, but which one is the truth?

Ila does not know much about her life. Until now, she has spent it imprisoned below Yuki’s labyrinth. Despite her lack of worldly exposure, however, she has a tender heart and longs to know her place in the world. Fear has controlled her life for far too long. She believes training in combat will give her the courage to leave the life of a coward behind.

Kaan is a member of the Face Stealer’s council. Of owl Unua heritage, she acts as the weapons master, building and repairing weapons for any future need. She is fierce, passionate, and strong—a worthy role model for Ila.

Ro is of opposite disposition to his sister, Kaan. He is quiet and steady in all manners of life. An injury in the last war left him paralyzed from the waist down. His strength lies in innovation, and his calm demeanor helps balance out Kaan’s intensity.

Tulimaq is the combat master. He helps the Wood’s refugees protect themselves and, eventually, instructs Ila as well. He is quiet. Perhaps too quiet. His reserved nature frustrates Ila to no end.

Masuk is a dark, troubled man. Not much is known about his past, but Apaay is drawn to him due to their shared, unseen wounds. He, too, seeks to escape the Face Stealer’s grasp, and asks for Apaay’s help in searching for the face of a woman he once loved.

One thing I love about this series is every single character has a part to play in furthering the story & I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the new additions we get introduced to in ‘Night’. Night is out on the 8th of October & I have attached pre-order links below!

You can buy ‘Below’ in both HB and PB on Book Depository Here.

And you can pre-order ‘Night’ in both HB and PB Here.

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