Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag!

Thanks so much to Danni over at For Books Sake for tagging me in this Percy Jackson themed book tag. I am a HUGE fan of these books so I had so much fun answering all the prompts. This tag was originally created by May over at Forever and Everly and not only did she create all the prompts but she made all the graphics as well.


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This was SUCH a hard decision but this book popped in my head first so… I loved this so much and fell in love with pretty much every single character – Montparnasse *swoon*. This was nothing like I expected it to be and I am eagerly anticipating the sequel.

Taking a historical period and adding magic, whilst sticking as close to the facts as possible should have been hard, but Parry added magic to the era with such an ease I can’t believe it never truly happened that way. Add in a whole host of historically accurate, lovable and relatable characters and I was sold.

I read a review for this and just knew I had to request it, but since then I havent seen much love for this book and it is SO good. The world we all know and love except God’s roam it. God’s from all different religions/beliefs who reincarnate every 1000 years or so, plus a kick ass mortal heroine and a snarky, but secretly a cinnamon roll, Polar Bear God.

I don’t really read books that I think I would hate, however, I’m currently reading this as a buddy read and did not expect to enjoy it as much as I am. Its a lot darker and twistier than I expected and the characters are all flawed, which I LOVE because it makes them all more real to me.

This is one of my go-to comfort reads and never fails to get me out of a reading slump. It helps that it’s a standalone, but I just love Agnieszka and the Dragons relationship and the magic and world building is just amazing.

I love all the of Squad 312 but Ty and Scar’s sibling relationship definitely makes it that much more funny and emotional. They know each other so well they can converse with glances and would throw themselves in danger to protect the other.

Not only did time pause when I read this spellbinding book but I felt like I was transported to a new world, one filled with doors that could take me to magical places filled with dangers and excitement. This book dragged me in from the first page and I still think about it now.

I don’t think I’ve met a person who has read and did not enjoy this duology. Filled with a misfit band of unlikely friends/allies, heists and heartbreak these are by far my favourite books in the grishaverse.

Well… If I could only pick one I would definitely take this chunk with me. Definitely heavy enough to be a weapon if needed and long enough to keep me entertained for a good long while.

I am a HUGE Novik fan and I have incredibly high expectations for this book, expectations I have little fear it wont meet. A deadly magic school… yes please!

I adored Roanhorse’s Trail of Lightning so when I saw she was bringing out another book I instantly added it to my TBR. I have begged and pleaded with the ARC gods to no avail, but I’ve already pre-ordered myself a copy!

Susan from Novel Lies has added to my TBR more than any other blogger, her reviews never fail to make me laugh and almost always convince me to pick up the book. Which is what happened with this one, I loved this dark read and am SO excited for the sequel.

This whole series had me in stitches. Filled with sarcastic and witty characters who fail spectacularly and even when they manage to win, do it in a humorous and long winded way. Falcio, Brasti and Kest and my boys and I will adore them.

I read this years ago and still adore it and the series as a whole. I love books that make you think and Dan Brown certainly keeps us as readers on our toes.

I was so excited for the final installment of this series but at the same time I didn’t want it to end. I knew, and was worried, that it wouldn’t be a wholly happy ending but I still prayed all my faves made it out alive.

I really don’t think I have one for this. I know there are marmite books, you love it or you hate it, but I can’t think of one only I love.

And I mean punch in the positive way, but this whole series had me tempted to throw the books out of windows, against hard services… I’m sure anyone who has read it will agree with me. I love the author, but at times could quite easily have punched him.

This was hard because I have a ridiculous amount of OTP’s but Amani and Jin might just take the mark… and I mean with this quote, can you really blame me?

“My knuckles skimmed over the edges of the sun tattooed over his heart. That was the last thing I noticed before I kissed him.

His jaw tensed in surprise for a moment; his hand gripped my arm hard enough to hurt. And then his body was flush against mine, pushing me back against the wall of the train.

I was a desert girl. I thought I knew heat. I was wrong”

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  1. Percy Jackson will always be a special series to me – I really loved it. There are also so many books on this tag that I want to read or haven’t heard of and added (A Court of Miracles), so thank you!

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  2. Wow…. What a brilliant post… Percy Jackson series has always had a very special place in my heart… I liked it thoroughly…. Thanks for briefing us with so many books… Did not know many of them…. But l after reading this post…. I will definitely read them

    Do visit my blogging website and do comment and follow:
    Thanks and once again…. A lovely and wonderful post!!


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