Avengers Assemble – Book Characters as Avengers! Top Ten Tuesday

So this weeks Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie so I decided to do something a little different & make my own Avengers squad out of book characters. This was a fun, if not sometimes challenging post to do, but I definitely enjoyed trying to find characters with similar traits to my favourite Avengers. I manged to get characters from all different books which was hard! So let me know, who would make your avenger squad? Do you agree with my choices? Or would you change any? Let me know in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Captain America – Taiyo Daisuke, Shadow of the Fox

Ridiculously strong morals? Check.

Willing to die to protect those he loves? Check.

Taiyo Daisuke is the embodiment of Captain America… right down to his unwillingness to swear.

Black Widow – Inej Ghafa, Six of Crows

Kill a man with her bare hands? Check

Stealthy AF? Check

Lets be honest! Inej would make the best Black Widow, she is the perfect spy and once people see her skills, no one would want to mess with her.

Iron Man – Nikolai, Shadow and Bone

Ridiculously Rich? Check

Inventor? Check

Add in sarcasm, willingness to put on a brave face but secretly a cinnamon roll and Nikolai is the embodiment of Iron Man.

Thor – Hun Kame, Gods of Jade and Shadow

Actual God? Check

No idea about human customs? Check

Ok, so he maybe the God of the underworld, but a God’s a God right? Add in that he is described as ‘unnaturally beautiful’ and really? What more do you want?

Hulk – Rin, The Poppy War

Smart? Check

Ridiculously good at destroying things? Check

So, technically she doesn’t turn green and become a monster, but if you’re looking for someone adept at death and destruction then Rin’s your girl.

Loki – Lila Bard. ADSOM

Morally Grey? Check

Trickster? Check

Lila bard would make the perfect Loki! Yes, she does the right thing, most of the time, but shes certainly mischievous and more than willing to put her own life first.

Captain Marvel – Amani, Rebel of the Sands

Powerful Kickass Woman? Check

Free’s people from tyranny? Check?

Maybe she can’t fly, but being half Djinn still makes Amani pretty damn powerful. She’s also adept at infiltrating the enemy to serve her purpose, add in a sad backstory and you have the perfect Captain Marvel.

Hawkeye – Brasti, Greatcoats

Kickass with a bow? Check

Witty & Sarcastic? Check

I think Brasti is my favourite Greatcoat and he would make the perfect Hawkeye. Doesn’t necessarily know or listen to his limitations and more than happy to step into the path of danger to protect innocents… even if he does make a snarky comment before doing it.

Scarlet Witch – Aurora, Aurora Rising

Tortured Background? Check

Ridiculously Powerful? Check

Aurora would make an amazing Scarlet Witch, in fact their powers are quite similar and they are both willing to put themselves in between danger and the people they love.

What do you think of my picks for my ‘Avengers Squad’? Do you agree, or are there any you can think of different characters for? Let me know in the comments :D.

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  1. What a great idea! I don’t know all the characters but Nikolai as Tony is actually perfect. I had to think about it for a second but now I realize they’re the same person. Also agree with you on Inej. There’s no better character as Black Widow. I loved this!

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  2. Oh man, I absolutely LOVE this idea (and I totally might have to steal it and link back to you haha). Taiyo is a PERFECT Captain America and I love it so much. So much yes to Amani being Captain Marvel, too! Wow, you know, this does sound super hard, but you did a wonderful job casting the roles. I think you’re spot on with all of them. xD


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