The CNMCC Honoree Book Tag!

I would say thanks to Susan at Novel Lives for tagging me in this. BUT seeing as it was complete the tag or face the wrath of the CNMCC I didn’t have much of a choice!

CNMCC Honoree Book Tag Rules

The only rules are as following:

  1. Complete the tag or die. <help me>
  2. Link back to the CNMCC.
    • They don’t even care if you link back to this post or site. I’m requesting that you link back to this post. Please?
  3. All photos should be correctly labeled
    • Council of the Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats (CNMCC) for full group photos
    • Individually Labeled as Liam, Gomez, and Pavel (or a combination thereof)
    • Again. They don’t care about me. I’m a plebian. You do not have to link or credit each photo, but if you could give one credit when you link the post, I would greatly appreciate it. But I’m to be very clear that they don’t care, won’t care, and couldn’t care less, as long as THEY are correctly labeled, and THEY are correctly given credit.
  4. You won’t need to tag people at the end because everyone will do it or die. Their websites will fail. They will never get another ARC again. Reading slumps will be conjured, and misery will prevail. <save me>

Liam – A book that gave you resting bitch face

I, Like Liam, have a bad case of resting bitch face, and that definitely came into play when I started this. I remember some extremely dodgy descriptions of women’s breasts… I’m not sure if it was down to the translation or just the author but boy was it bad.

Pavel – A book that broke you

If you know me at all then you know I cry and EVERYTHING! I’m talking Disney films, TV Adverts and yes books. The ending of this series broke me SO many times, I think I literally cried my way through the last half.

Gomez – I don’t even know, and he doesn’t even care

I don’t even know where to start with this prompt! So I’ve gone with choosing a book I enjoyed WAY more than I expected to. I expected multiverse travel, I didn’t expect the amount of plot twists, brilliantly written characters and heart wrenching moments.

I’m not going to specifically tag anyone BUT please feel free to take part! The more praise we give the CNMCC the more likely they are to let Susan live a little longer.


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  1. Ah this is excellent!
    I read Susan’s post late last night and was ot sure at all where to start so now I have prompts 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all- the breast thing? If that tops the Nevernight trilogy? I haz questions.

    Liam approves of your choice.

    Pavel approves but feels you really need to not break so easily.

    After Liam and Pavel, forced Gomez to sit here and take plebians seriously or lose access to CNMCC perks, he wholly agrees with your choice because he has no idea time travel was possible (I tried to explain but there is a thunderstorm and now he’s trying to conjure… SOMETHING)?

    They have one clarification and one point of contention… 1) Nothing guarantees my life. 2) They expect exposure. Where’s the exposure.


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