The Write Reads Blog Tour – Venators Promises Forged by Devri Walls

About the Author

Devri Walls is a US and International bestselling author. Having released 5 novels to date, she specialises in all things fantasy and paranormal. She is best know for her uncanny world building skills and her intricate storylines, and her ability to present them in an easy to digest voice. Now gearing up for her first national release, Devri is excited to introduce her sixth novel, book one in the Venators series. She loves to engage with her loyal following through social media and online sessions she organises for her readers. Devri lives in Meridian, Idaho with her husband and two kids. When not writing she can be found teaching voice lessons, reading, cooking or binge watching whatever show catches her fancy.

It has been mere days in the world of Eon, where Rune Jenkins, her twin brother Ryker, and their friend Grey have been trapped, fighting for their lives. After discovering the truth of their ancestry, the three are far from home, and far from anything resembling their mundane lives of the past.
While Ryker is still held captive by the eerily beautiful Zio and her goblins, Grey falls into the clutches of Feena, the Fae queen. She begins to drain his soul bit by bit to feed her dark underground garden, and Grey has no hope of escaping on his own.

It is now up to Rune to save Grey, as his precious time slips away inexorably. But the Council has denied her permission to embark on a rescue mission, until she can harness her Venator gifts and prove herself capable of venturing into the Fae queen’s territory. As Rune discovers that promises in Eon are forged with life-or-death consequences, she realizes that she must act quickly, or else be swallowed and Grey along with her by the dangers of Eon.


If any of you read my review for the first Venators book then you will know, while i enjoyed it, there were a few things I found problematic. However, this book blew the first one away! Rune and Grey are still reeling from their initial dealings with the council and barely escaping with their lives after being attacked by a Dragon. Grey is starting to think of his moral compass as a weakness, something that will more likely get him killed in Eon than help him. Rune is still trying to think of a way to rescue Ryker, whilst also embracing her role as a Venator. But when a creature arrives and gives Tate a message that only he can decode, one that hints at his family being in peril, Rune and Grey will have to work together again and realise that they are stronger together than apart if they are to help Tate and make it through their time in Eon alive.

The character growth in this book was truly astonishing. Rune and Grey grated on me a little in the first one, but they easily wormed their way into my heart in the second book. Although Grey see’s his compassion as a weakness, and in the first book we see him asking Tashara for help. She makes him realise that his selflessness, though annoying to some, is actually a strength and he doesn’t need to change himself so much as hide those parts of himself others would view as weak, especially from the council. We also get a few more hints into his past, something which I hope the author delves into a little more in the next book. On the other hand Rune finds the role of ‘monster slaying’ Venator relatively easy to flit into, however she gets tested throughout the book on the political side of the job, a role she did not envision having to fill, and we see her coming to the realisation that the differences between her and Grey aren’t a bad thing, they balance each other out, she just needs to convince the council of it. Rune is also the character I found I bonded with the most, maybe because like me she also has a tendency to get hangry (angry when you are hungry) but also because of the lengths she will go to to protect her friends and those she loves.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to read from a host of differing perspectives in this book. We get insights from Ryker, Tate, Vashira and Beltra ( I love this shapeshifter so much) and think they added a whole different depth to this book that was missing in the first. We also get to spend some more time with different members of the council, and I especially enjoyed seeing Rune play them at their own game. Though only in it for a small part Omri was a character that I found intriguing and am interested to see if he will play a bigger roll in the next. We also get more Beltran *yey*. The shapeshifter only had a small, if not vital, part in the first book but his insights were some of my favourite to read. He isn’t as indifferent as he allows people to believe and I am very much looking forward to learning more about his past. Ryker’s perspective was certainly intriguing, if not slightly worrying. He fits into the roll of Venator a little too easily, without any of Greys remorse.

We get to learn a lot more about the world of Eon and the authors descriptive writing effortlessly bring her world to life. She gives us a real depth to all the differing species that live in Eon, even if some of them are creepy as hell, and I enjoyed seeing how she tied them into myths from our world. This was something I found really intriguing about book 1 and was glad that we were able to delve into it more.

I like that, although romance plays a fairly big part in this book, you have little idea who will end up with who. In fact I wasn’t even sure who I want to end up with who! What I will say though is I love Beltran with all my heart and that dance scene with him and Rune was delicious. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles, or squares, so I hope the series isn’t heading in that direction.

If Devri Walls was crowned she would be dubbed the ‘Queen of Cliffhangers’! Seriously I get palpitations every time I finish one of her books and what really grates me is the next one isn’t even released yet. There are soooo many unanswered questions and I am really excited to see where the story goes.

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  1. Oh, this sounds like a fun read! I wasn’t sure if I’d give this series a try after reading some mixed reviews but the character development you mentioned has won me over. I love it when I fall in love with characters, especially if there’s romance involved in the story. Fab review Becky!

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