WWW Wednesday!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam over on Taking on a World of Words.

The idea is pretty simple, every week you dedicate a post to the three W’s:

What are you currently reading?

What have you just finished reading?

What are you going to read next?

I feel like I’ve not stopped the whole bank holiday weekend! I recently took up a bigger roll in BBNYA (Book bloggers novel of the year awards) and spent the weekend allocating some very lucky bloggers excerpts of some really exciting sounding books. On top of that, my reading and blogging the weekend flew by, but I did get to enjoy the nice weather for a little while. Did you get up to anything over the weekend? Let me know in the comments.

What are you currently reading?

I loved the first book in this series so Dave at The Write Reads didn’t have to try too hard to sign me up for the blog tour. I’m excited to carry on with Rune and Grey’s journey and learn a little more about this magical world.

What have you just finished reading?

This was a bit of a last minute read but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A fresh and intricate magic system, lovable characters and a great mystery to solve. My one issue would be, though it was sold as NA, sometime the characters interactions, conversation and decision making came off a little YA for my liking. Overall a fun read.

What are you going to read next?

A gender bent semi retelling of Robin Hood you say?!! I am so excited for this one and its been on my TBR since it was announced so I was extremely happy when I was accepted for the FFBC blog tour.


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  1. I’m just so glad I followed this your site, so amazing with great motivation. You don’t mind giving me a comment on mine, how has your health been affected: kaylebsblog.wordpress.com/


  2. I hope you love Promises Forged. I’m very intrigued to see what you think of Hood. I tortured myself over whether or not to get an ARC of it but, didn’t in the end.

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  3. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read a Robin Hood retelling so Hood sounds extremely appealing! I hope you enjoy it 😀 Also excited to be reading Venators 2 soon as I’m also on the blog tour. Curious to see what you’ll think of it 😍 Happy reading, Becky!

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    • I’ve read kind of a follow on of it called Brightfall and I loved it, so fingers crossed I’ll like this one too! I’ve barely started Venators but I’m liking it so far, can’t wait to read your review 😊


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