Reasons why I love Fantasy books – Top Ten Tuesday

I think I can say that, without a doubt, Fantasy is my favourite Genre. There is something about being able to immerse yourself in a new world, whether it be completely made up, based around mythology/folklore or set in a slightly different version of the world we know and love. Learning new magic systems and about all the wonderful magical and mythical creatures. Being able to follow the hero, and sometimes anti-hero, on their journey to defeat the ultimate evil. A good fantasy book should transport you, you should feel as though you are with the main character, a part of the gang. Your emotions should line up with theirs, whether heartbroken or in the midst of a fight.

This weeks prompt was Reasons why I love? And I’ve chosen to tell you why I love Fantasy so much and give you examples of some amazing Fantasy reads to dig your teeth into.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.


If you’re looking for a fantasy read to sink your teeth into, one that will transport you effortlessly to their magical and mysterious worlds, with adventure and romance and magic, then all the above (plus soooo many more) are perfect. From worlds filled with Fae, Djinn and dragons to worlds that dont seem wholly dissimilar to our own… only better, these books will take you on a wild ride.

Travelling new worlds

You want new worlds you say, brand new fantasy worlds, somewhere you can escape too to forget about every day life? The above worlds are brilliantly rendered with world building to die for.

Learning new magic systems

Like learning a new magic system? Well boy oh boy do I have some top notch magic systems for you to dig your teeth into. Elemental magic, magic to influence people, magical cats… yes you read that right. All the above have some truly unique and intriguing magic systems.

Delving into other cultures Mythology/Folklore

Want magic but something based in folklore/mythology? This right here is my jam. The above span from African, Russian, Native American and South American mythology. Each with a story that will grip you from the first page and not let go. The above are some of my all time favourite reads ever!


Everybody loves a hero right? What about the ones that don’t really want to be the hero? The ones that begrudgingly save the world, and don’t necessarily go about it the right way. I love a good anti-hero and Fantasy is filled to the brim with them. Morally grey characters are my jam and, if you love them too, then give the above a read… you wont be disappointed.

Magical/Mythical Creatures

Dragons! I mean, who doesn’t love dragons? What about Fae? Phoenixes? Kitsune? Hippogriffs? The above books contain a wealth of magical and mythical creatures, some good some bad.

Literary gangs

If there is one thing fantasy as a genre does well it is a literary gang/squad. I love interactions between members of the same gang, theres always the snarky one, the mum of the group… and the little sibling who always gets in trouble, yes Okame I’m talking to you! All the above books contain some of my all time favourite literary gang’s and I dare you to not love them, even a little, too.

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  1. Yaas I love this post and I couldn’t agree more ๐Ÿ˜€ Quite a few of the examples you shared are absolute faves but also quite a few on my TBR, which means I really need to bump them up soon ๐Ÿ˜€ Great post!

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