Books under 300 pages – Top 5 Saturday

This weeks Top 5 Saturday prompt was books with under 300 pages and, because I apparently I like my books chunky, I’ve had to cheat slightly and throw a Novella in here as well. I have enjoyed every single one of the below, most of them filled with magic and mystical beings and one thriller that had me on the edge of my seat. What books do you love with less than 300 pages? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks to Mandy over at Devouring books  for creating these amazing prompts! You should definitely go check her blog out because she posts some great content.

Trail of lightning – 287 pages

I actually can’t believe this was under 300 pages! It was a quick read but there seemed like there was a lot more story then you can usually get in that amount of pages. I have the sequel to this on my shelf ready to go and as soon as I get through a few more of my Netgalley reads it’s going to the top of my TBR.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – 248 pages

I only realised when adding this that it has been a good few years since I have read this series and 2020 might just have to change that. I adore these books and somehow manage to find new things every time I read them again.

Sharp Objects – 254 pages

Sooo much happens in this 254 pages! Completely creepy, with a ridiculous amount of twists. This is actually one of my favourite Flynn reads and I adored the TV series.

The Realms of the Gods – 240 pages

This Immortal’s series became a fast favourite of mine when I finished it last year. Daine and Numair make a great pair & I am beyond excited to hear they are making a Tortall TV series.

A Court of Frost and Starlight – 229 pages

I know, I know this is a Novella but, thanks to it being nice and light, it makes up for the torture that Court of wings and Ruin put us through. We have a Nessian book due out next year & I am more than excited to read more about a certain pregnant Fae.

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  1. I’m pretty sure each book in the Feyland series is under 300 pages. They were SOOOOO good! Absolutely addicting! I got the first one for free, and bought the rest in the series the next day!

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  2. Novel, novella, I’ve heard so many different definitions of what makes a book one or the other that I no longer worry about it, 😄.
    You have a really interesting list.


  3. The Realms of the Gods! I’m such a Pierce fan ❤ I devoured all of her quartets when I was younger and they're such sentimental reads for me. They're making a Tortall TV show?! You've just made my day with that 😀

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