BBNYA Panellist Reveal – Allie @ AllieReads

Hi guys! I’m back with yet another awesome blogger to highlight. Everyone say hello to Allie! Allie blogs over at Allie Reads, she writes some amazing and well thought out reviews and posts some beautiful photos over on her Instagram. We are definitely lucky to have her as a member of our awesome BBNYA panel.

To start off with tell us a little about you

Well, I’m allie and I hail from Melbourne, Australia. I am also turning 26 this year (how fast this has happened, I’m still in shock!) and I am currently studying/working on my PhD which gobbles up an immense amount of my time. My dog, Hunter, is the love of my life and I love absolutely nothing more than a great book and a good cup of earl grey tea.

When did you start blogging and what made you decide to start your blog?

I’ve always been a reader. I think most moments in my life can be categorised by the book that I was reading at that particular time – particular scents, scenarios, etc. And, I would also have to say the same about writing. I love living in my mind, in the sense that I enjoy creating and imagining worlds and situations that are mundane or spectacular. But I never really considered a blog until around 2014 when I realised that there was a space online where I could belong.

For me, I actually originally started my blog for writing, as in creative writing where I could purge all the emotions and ideas clogging my mind. 2014-2016 were tumultuous years in terms of my mental health as a result of my anxiety. So, having that space where I could write what I was feeling felt freeing, in theory. However, that plan slightly changed when I read Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas and I had a tonne of feelings after I completed that book that I needed to release it. That’s when ‘allieereads’ was born. My blog went from ‘writerpending’ to ‘allieereads’ and I haven’t looked back since! Especially considering the amount of love and support and overall, fun I have had with the book blogging community –I honestly think I will never leave. And also – why ‘allieereads’? well, my name is Alexandra and Allie is a nickname of mine, so I added another ‘e’ and added ‘reads’ at the end – straight to the point, I think?

Do you have any fun bookish memories?

Oh, god haha. Honestly, the first things that pop into my mind right now is the awesome book signing events I am lucky to attend. I was able to go to a few jay Kristoff book signings and I absolutely adore him and his books so that was a fangirl moment. I also was able to attend the Sarah J. Maas event when she was in Melbourne last year, which was just absolutely mind-boggling. I really didn’t expect her to be as hilarious as she was.

The first time I was asked to read a book by an author (shout out to Neil Michael Burke and the Last Ride of the Bastard Machine) on twitter – it was one of the most awesome feelings in the world

I remember I was at work (I was working at Australia Post at the time) and I immediately had to text my mum the news. That was really fun.

Name a few of your favourites: Books/ Authors/ Characters/ Movies/ TV Shows etc.

How much time do I have?

I have an immense love for the Guildhunter and Psy-changeling/Psy-changeling Trinity series by Nalini Singh – she is one of my ride or die authors. Some of my absolute favourite books are: The Secret History by Donna Tartt, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Sadie by Courney Summers, Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, the Illuminae series by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, the Nevernight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff – just to name those on the top of my head.

I only have a few TV shows that are my absolute favourites and they would have to be Schitt’s Creek, Brooklyn 99, One Day at a Time, Supernatural, Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Intent, Criminal Minds and I think that is it.

My favourite movies I think would have to be any Marvel movie (Except any of the Hulk franchise and Avengers Age of Ultron); The Mummy and The Mummy Returns (Brendon Fraiser and Rachel Weiss?! Hell yes), Spirited Away, Hellboy, Underworld, Charlies Angels (the original movies and the new one) – gosh, I have a mind blank, so I’ll just leave it there!

Where did you first hear about BBNYA and what made you decide to join?

I first heard about BBNYA when Dave from The Write Reads approached me about it and asked what I thought of it. I immediately screamed YES to the heavens because I really believe that the book community, especially indie/self-published authors, should have a platform where there work is not only celebrated, but given an opportunity to grow and be showcased.

What are some of your favourite indie/self-published books and why?

Honestly, there are so many. But I will control myself! To name a couple, it would have to be the Devil’s Apprentice series by Kenneth B. Anderson; anything written by Kristin Ward, Salt by Nayyirah Waheed (back when it was self-published), similar story with Amanda Lovelaces’ self-published poetry and Nikita Gill’s works before they were picked up by a publisher. It is hard to say why; it’s like any other book/s I love – it connected with me in some way. Be that the writing, the characters, the themes – they each touched me in varying ways.

Just want to extend my love and appreciation to the book blogging community as well as the book community as a whole for the support and friendship. I honestly have no idea where I would be without this community!

Here’s where you can find me:

Blog / Twitter / Instagram

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