Fantasy for Newbies – Top Ten Tuesday!

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic was a genre freebie to I decided to make a list of 10 fantasy reads I think would be great for people new to the genre. Some of these have ties to the world we know and love, others are based around well known folklore/mythology and they all have well thought out, described and written magic systems. Some of these books were part of my first foray into fantasy and others managed to renew my love for the genre. Do you have any recommendations for fantasy books that would be great for beginners? What book first made you fall in love with the genre? Let me know in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

A Darker Shade of Magic

I might have mentioned once or twice that this book was a game changer for me. I had read a few fantasy series as a teenager; Harry Potter, His Dark Materials etc but when I first delved into Red London & met Kell and Lila my life changed. This series took me on a journey I did not want to come back from and made me fall in love with fantasy.


Everybody knows the legend of Robin Hood, so people new to the genre might find this slightly twisted follow on story a good place to start. A beautifully woven tale about love and loss with, that follows on from the story we all know and love except it has magic, and fae, or and a dragon!


These books are effortlessly easy to read without lacking in substance. The world building is amazing and the magic system that Dennard creates is creative and easy to follow. Add in some kick ass characters and this is an easy addition to the list.


Set in the future where certain people have developed super powers, this is the age old battle of good vs evil but with twists and turns that keep on coming. I enjoyed delving into Meyer’s magic system and she writes some utterly adorable and easy to bond with characters.

Shadow of the Fox

Anyone like to who likes to delve into other cultures folklore/mythology should have no problem falling in love with this series. The books flow effortlessly and are relatively easy reads. A great series full of character growth, a quirky literary squad and a storyline that has you flying through the pages.


This is another series I picked up at the beginning of my fantasy journey and another easy contender for this list. You can’t help but get swept away on the journey that unfolds through the pages, and with a fantastic literary squad and some top notch plot twists this series is sure fired to instil your love for fantasy.

Gods of Jade and Shadow

This is another series based around mythology, this time Mayan, and is also a standalone for those without the time or willingness to head straight for a series. The best way to describe it is ‘a girl goes on a journey with the God of death.’ We get a wonderful insight into Mayan mythology as well as a fantastically written journey through South America.

City of Brass

Ok so this might be the most in depth read, with a slightly more intricate magic system than the rest but I defy anyone who starts this book to not be swept away by the lush writing, achingly beautiful characters and wealth of mythology. These books are so beautifully written and a must read for any fantasy fan, new or old.

Gateway to Fourline

This is a great series for beginners and one I read at the start of my fantasy journey. A portal fantasy based half in the world we know in love and half in Fourline. With some great and intricate characters and an easy to follow magic system, this is a great series to dip your toes into the genre.

The Guinevere Deception

Another legend we all know and love, only slightly twister and told from Guinevere’s perspective. Another lusly written world, with amazing characters and a few plot twists to keep fans of the legend guessing.

And that’s my top 10! Do you agree with any of these? Have any of them been your first foray into fantasy.

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  1. I would have commented sooner but when I read this list I passed out and hit my head. I just came back to. I’ve only read one book on this list. How is that even possible?

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  2. ADSOM and Cinder/Lunar Chronicles were also two of the series that I picked up to start my less MG more YA/Adult fantasy journey! I can’t wait to read Truthwitch. I’ve heard a lot about it! Fourline also looks really good. Fab list ๐Ÿ˜€

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