BBNYA Panelist Reveal – Hannah @ Pages, Places and Plates!

Hi everyone! I have another awesome panellist reveal for you today and its the lovely Hannah who blogs at Pages, Places and Plates. Hannah posts some great bookish content as well as posting some mouth watering recipes and some awesome travel ideas, so go check her out!

Tell me a little bit about you.

I’m Hannah and I own Pages Places & Plates. I write about books but also food and travel. I live in Essex, UK – we live right by the sea on the Sunshine Coast, and I live with my partner and Giant African Mantis, Kuomba. As well as reading a lot I’m also in the process of editing my first novel!

When did you start blogging and what made you decide to start your blog?

I started blogging in February 2019 – it was something I’d thought about for a while. I review films and games for CEX and realised just how much I enjoy reviewing things, so wanted to expand it to other things I was passionate about. And so Pages Places & Plates was born, and it quickly became a long-term project.

Do you have any fun bookish memories?

My biggest bookish memory is the anticipation towards the final Harry Potter book, which I was so ridiculously excited about. My whole class was excited and we were determined to read it first! When I got it (I think on the day of its release) I immediately ran upstairs and refused to come down until it was finished, completing it in just over four hours.

Name a few of your favourites: Books/ Authors/ Characters/ Movies/ TV Shows etc.

Ooooh, that’s a big question! My all-time favourite authors are Marian Keyes, David Nicholls, Jonas Jonasson, and Ian McEwan, and I also love the Adrian Mole and Bridget Jones series. Adrian Mole is definitely one of my favourite book characters as I totally relate to his awkwardness (especially in my teenage years, which is when I first started reading them).

Inception is my favourite movie, and also love some real classics – The Godfather, Shawshank Redemption, Reservoir Dogs, and so on. Memento is another really good one for me, and Baby Driver (I watch this every time I go on a plane and I’ve lost count how many times that is now!). As for TV, I love Brooklyn 99, Peep Show, and Would I Lie To You.

I’ve also got to include games here as I’m a massive gamer – my favourite games are Fallout 4, The Sims 4, Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper, Pokémon (particularly Crystal), Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls Online.

Where did you first hear about BBNYA and what made you decide to join?

Through The Write Reads – I just had to join as it sounded so exciting! I love reviewing books and helping authors to gain exposure so really wanted to take part.

What are some of your favourite Indie/ Self-Published books and why?

I hadn’t really read many indie books until I started blogging, but I’m glad that door has been opened for me! One I absolutely loved last year that I reviewed is Kaerou Time To Go Home by B. Jeanne Shibahara – it’s a beautiful piece of fiction set in Japan and I loved how poignant and focused it is on emotional development of characters. Reading it was a very different experience, but in a really good way.

I’ve also really enjoyed reading Anton Eine’s short stories – particularly Post-Molecular Comfort Food – which have a great sense of humour and a real quirkiness about them.

Where can we find you?

If anyone wants to connect with me on Goodreads then you can find me here! I’m always looking for new recommendations and would love to make some new bookish connections on there. I can also be found on Twitter (where I pretty much live), Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Author entries are still open and you can find the link here.

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