It’s B E A Utiful! Top 5 Saturday

I don’t know about you guys but I am SUCH a sucker for a pretty cover. In fact I would say that around 30% of the books on my shelves were picked up for the cover alone. Does a pretty cover ensure a good book, not always but there have only been a few instances where the cover let me down. More and more effort is being put into book covers and boy am I glad because some of the ones I have focused on below are stunning! Have you ever picked a book up based solely on the cover? If so which one?

Thanks to Mandy over at Devouring books  for creating these amazing prompts! You should definitely go check her blog out because she posts some great content.

The Binding

Is the cover for this book gorgeous? yes. But its the naked hardback that really takes the mark. The foiling on it is sublime and its one of the few books I keep on my shelf without the dust jacket.

The Girl in the Tower

I know everyone loves the Bear and the Nightingale cover but this one just steals it for me. I love the kind of eeriness you get from the cover, the simplicity and yet detail of the drawings and the little hints we get to the story inside.

The Master and Margarita

Ok so i technically didn’t buy this for the cover alone but I did buy this version because of how stunning it was. Just look at it, and its soo much better in the flesh. A textured cover with beautiful end-papers… I swoon every time I look at it.

We Hunt the Flame

I loved the original version of this cover but the above one is sooo much better. That Font has to be font goals right? And the detail and swirliness and the rep of the gorgeous caped hunter!

The Deathless Girls

This is another book where the naked hardback is just as beautiful as the dust jacket. I snagged the Waterstones version with sprayed edges and be still my beating heart that book is beautiful.

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  1. I am a total sucker for a good cover too. I have picked up quite a few books because of a good cover. Sometimes they let me down, sometimes I discover a great book because of it, but I can’t help but judge by the covers. I do love the classic look and almost filled my own post with books like The Binding and Dark of the West. I just can’t get over that old style! It’s so classic and so gorgeous. I do love the cover of The Deathless Girls too. There are just so many beautiful covers out there it’s just so hard to choose a few!

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      • Sometimes I discover great books because of the covers! But I will admit that sometimes that method really lets me down. I like going in blind sometimes though. I will pick up a book just because I think the cover is pretty and then not read the blurb and just see how it goes. Now sometimes that winds up turning out amazing because you go in with absolutely zero expectations.

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      • It’s not very often where I hate a book. I always get something out of a book even if I don’t LOVE it. But I have found some real gems because of great covers. I remember before blogging and goodreads when I used to go to the library or the book store I would just find a book that looked good, know nothing about it and just dive in. And most of the time it was because the cover got me intrigued.

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      • Honestly I dont really like the whole “dont judge a book by its cover” thing. I mean the cover is one of your main marketing tools and it’s the first thing that people see. If effort isn’t put into it doesn’t that say something?

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      • Are you guys shut down for the virus too? I live in upstate NY and the whole state is under a stay at home order. But both my parents work for essential businesses so they arent getting hit too hard economically.. but my mom works at the hospital so hopefully she doesn’t get it.. I am out of work for now though. Everything’s crazy!!

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      • Ha no our Government is a bit of a shambles. Schools & pubs/restaurants etc were shut last Friday but other businesses have remained open. I work for a postal service and have been told im still expected to come to work… its a bit daunting considering I have an 82 year old Nan that relies on us for food etc, and if one of us in the house catches it then we all have to isolate for 14 days.


      • Yeah my dad takes care of his 82 year old mom who is…. well crazy to say the least. So when he went to go fill her pills on Saturday he wore a mask. But it’s the law now that when you visit someone over 70 you have to wear a mask in my state…. yet my mom only gets one mask a day as a nurse so it’s totally messed up that the governor just told people to go get more when there arent enough for healthcare workers… ugh I’m ranting.

        Honestly it’s getting way too nuts out there and I’m trying to stay informed but not drive myself insane bc I’m already stir crazy.

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      • Totally get it. I honestly think well be in lockdown by the end of the week. There are still crazy people flooding beaches and walks not realising the damage they are doing… and when they shut the pubs on friday people flocked there to get their last drinks… humanity truly baffles me sometimes


      • Yeah in NYC the same thing is going on and the governor is pissed. But now they’re calling in the national guard bc NY has 15,000 cases so idk what that really even means but help is coming apparently. They closed all essential business last night at 8pm. I have always been the type of person to catch sickness very easy and get it bad. I’ve had my tonsils out, MRSA, scarlet fever and c diff.. maybe that’s why I take it seriously or maybe its bc I care about other human beings and know that social distancing literally keeps people from dying. I mean I get it. I dont like being stuck at home for days or possibly weeks… but still.

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      • Yea I think that’s the part people are struggling to understand. It’s all well and good me saying i’m 30 and have a generally good immune system so it doesn’t matter if I go out. Bit I have the potential to spread it unknowingly to the people that I then socialize with and even my Nan. It’s just not worth the risk


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