Three is the magic number! Top 5 Saturday

Tell me. Do you prefer series or standalones? I have a certain amount of love for both but series/trilogies will always have a special place in my heart. With trilogies there is sooo much more room for exploration of all the amazing worlds author’s creates, potential to see characters growth, and cliffhangers! This weeks Top 5 Saturday is all about trilogies and I’ve chosen to focus on my top 5. Another post that was incredibly hard to narrow down.

Thanks to Mandy over at Devouring books  for creating these amazing prompts! You should definitely go check her blog out because she posts some great content.

The Winternight Trilogy

This is one of the most beautifully written series I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Steeped in Russian folklore, filled to the brim with magic, culture and romance. Every single one of these books had me in some sort of emotional wreck and I will pick up anything else the author writes.

A Darker Shade of Magic

I am so overdue a re-read of this series. I read them back in 2015 and they were my first real foray into ‘fantasy.’ I was swept away by the world Schwab creates and Lila Bard swiftly became one of my all time favourite literary characters.

Rebel of the Sands

This is one of my comfort read series. A magical tale full of Djinn, hidden princes, and romance… boy the romance in this series. Amani and Jin are my OTP, but one of the things that really makes this book is all the side characters the author introduces, you bond with every single one which makes the battle scenes that much more intense.

Shadow of the Fox

I recently finished the last book in this trilogy and it broke me. I bawled like a baby ( not ashamed to admit it.) but it was so beautifully done. This trilogy contains one of my favourite, if not a bit quirky, literary squad, and I loved being able to delve into Japanese culture and folklore.


This series is just a bloodbath… literally. But it also contains some kick ass characters, a wholly unique and intriguing magic system and a snarky cat. Certainly not for the faint hearted, but if you’re not afraid of a little blood, characters you love being killed of and a whole lot of smut, this might just be the series for you.

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  1. I like the occasional standalone, but trilogies are where it’s at for me! If I fall in love with a world, I want to be able to stand there for some amount of time and revisit the characters and never leave! I haven’t read your first two choices (though they’re still on my TBR), but I definitely agree with the last three! I can’t wait to dive into Alwyn Hamilton’s new book, and i hope to love it as much as I did Rebel of the Sands. And Night of the Dragon is releasing soon, and I’m just not ready for the series to be over, and I’m not ready for it to completely break me. xD

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  2. Great list!
    I’m hoping to read the conclusion to rebel of the sands soon! And Night of the dragon is one of my most anticipated releases of this year!


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  3. Nevernight and ADSOM forever 💜💜💜 I love both series so much! The Winternight Trilogy made it onto my list this week too but as a series that I need to finish! I loved TBATN when I read it last year. This list also reminds me that I need to check out the Shadow of the Fox series! Great list 🙂

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  4. I love a good standalone or duology, but a great trilogy is probably my favorite. You’re right, the development you can get with a three book series (plus more time spent with favorite characters) just makes them so good. ADSOM has me so curious…

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    • ADSOM is amazing! There is a wealth of character growth and world development. It basically convinced me to pick up every single other book that Schwab had read based of their trilogy alone.


  5. It depends really; sometimes I like series but I hate waiting for the next book to be released unless I’m SUPER into it. But then I also feel like stand alones can end “abruptly”. Like NO. I NEED TO KNOW MORE. So it’s a toss up. Ahhh I don’t know lol.

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    • Haha I get where you’re coming from. Sometimes I like standalones, as long as the story is neatly wrapped up at the end but some, like Sorcery of Thorns, end in a way that just leaves you begging for more 😊

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