Books with single word titles – Top Ten Tuesday

There are a multitude of things that factor into whether I pick up a book or not. Do I already love the author? Did I read a good review? Does it have a pretty cover? And lastly but by no means least, does the title grab me? Nine times out of ten I am drawn to a book by its title/cover depending on which one is facing out at the bookstore. So if a book has a dull sounding title my eyes and hands simply flick straight past. A thing I have noticed is that single word titles seem to really stand out. Maybe because they have more room on the book, so bigger font? I am unsure but some of my favourite reads have single word titles and so I have included a list of my top ten. What are some of your favourite books with single word titles? And are you like me, do you pick books up based on the title alone? Let me know in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.











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