Characters I’d Follow On Social Media – Top Ten Tuesday

Imagine! Your favourite literary characters let loose on social media. What platform do you think they would thrive on, and what kind of media do you think they would post. This is definitely one I had to think about and I think all the literary characters I can think of would strive on Instagram. Whether its half naked pics, food pics, family pics… I love a good Instagram feed and I think some of the below would post some top notch content.

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Nikolai Lanstov – Grishaverse

Lets be honest. Nikolai’s Instagram feed would be full of ‘rich man’ style photos and innuendo style memes. That’s it. His twitter though, that’s a different story. His twitter would be full of Nikolai style wisdom quotes… also lots of innuendos.

Nina Zenik – Six of Crows

Waffles! And lots of attractive men and women. I would live for this Instagram feed.

Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter

Luna’s Instagram would be filled to the brim with weird and cute looking animals and nature pictures. Also lots of pictures with creatures in that we cant see… but I would follow her all the same.

Safi – Witchlands

Kick-ass fighting videos and lots of drunk and embarrassing videos… mainly of herself. Also the odd candid photo of Iseult, when she can catch her unaware.

Hypnos – Gilded Wolves

This would be full of half naked pics… of himself as well as other people. Also pictures from his amazing parties with people in some unfortunate situations… the ones that didn’t agree to his bribes anyway.

Cassian – Court of Thorns and Roses

Another feed full of half naked ‘just been to the gym’ pics, as well as not so sly pics of Azriel looking all angsty for the camera and embarrassing pics of the rest of the Night crew, well everyone except Amren… even Cassian isn’t THAT stupid.

Baldair – Air Awakens

I’m seeing a theme here… more half naked picks, lots of group photo’s with the rest of the Golden Guard as well as photos of an annoyed looking Aldrick. I mean what are younger brothers for.

Silas – Sorcery of Thorns

Just think of the food pics Silas would have on his account, as well as Instagram he would have a kick ass Pinterest board full of recipes that sound amazing

Emma Carstairs – Lady Midnight

This feed would be filled with candid photos of the blackthorns looking all ‘loving family’ as well as videos of Emma kicking ass with Cortana in the training room.

Iko – Lunar Chronicles

Rampion crew photos! Mostly candid because she can’t get anyone to actually pose for one except Carswell Thorn… who offers to pose waaaaay too often. Also lots of attractive and possibly half naked men.

Man this was a hard post to write. I would, however, love it if all these guys had instagram feeds I could follow… just think of all the fun. What literary characters would you love to have social media? And which platform? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. A bit unusual, but I think I’d say Artemis Fowl on Twitter. I don’t think that he would be a social media person, but if he did have Twitter I have a feeling that it would be either slightly terrifying or wildly amusing to follow.

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  2. Yas, Iko made my list too! I reckon she’d be so much fun to follow! Silas would also be another awesome character to follow lol I can’t imagine him on social media but… If he ever was I’d definitely follow him in a heartbeat! Haha Nina would also be amazing 😍 All the food and awesomeness! Great list 🙂

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