Shaken not Stirred – Top 5 Saturday

This is another Top 5 Saturday that made me realise that, although I love a good spy drama/movie, I have read very few books with characters that are spies, not the traditional kind anyway, the ‘bond like’ spies all suave and lethal and likely to blow things up. So this post is going to be based around the non traditional, subtle spies, the court infiltrators, the ones who sneak up on you out of nowhere and can create chaos and heartbreak. Am i going to be using the term spy loosely? Absolutely. But wheres the fun in sticking to the book every time.

Top 5 Saturday was created by the amazing Mandy over at Devouring books and she should get ALL the credit for coming up with interesting and fun prompts every week!

Ead – The Priory of the Orange Tree

Sent to court to spy on and protect the Queen by the Priory, Ead is part spy part secret body guard. But she’s like a good spy, not an evil one with ulterior motives, her job is to protect the Berethnan line… so falling in love with the queen probably wasn’t the best idea!

Amaya – Scavenge the Stars

Ok so part spy part infiltrator Amaya has a whole new identity created for her to infiltrate the upper classes and bring about the downfall of the man that supposedly ruined her life. She plays the part well enough until she ends up falling for the son of the man she is trying to bring down… I’m seeing a theme here.

Davon – Spellhacker

This guy annoyed me, although I definitely saw his betrayal coming. Once he realises what Diz is up to he spies on the gang making sure he is in on their plans enabling the MMC to arrest her friends ‘thinking’ he is protecting Diz in the process. A bad spy and a delusional one at that. I may have seen the betrayal coming, but man did it hurt.

Ashlinn – Nevernight

Another spy/infiltrator. This is one plot twist I did not see coming and broke me in so many ways. Determined to bring down the red church for ruining her family she becomes an apprentice, she gets herself ingrained into the story which makes her betrayal hit all the harder… like seriously I know Mia forgave her, but me? Yea, still not over it.

Feyre – A Court of Wings and Ruin

Literally risking her life and her mental health to protect her people, this woman has skills. I don’t think there are many of us that could go back to a man like Tamlin and act like we were still in love with him after all he did, but infiltrate the Spring Court she does and to devastating effects. And man, that scene when Cassian and Azriel rescue her… gives me chills every. single. time!

So those are my top 5 ‘spies’ see what I mean by using the term loosely. Since I realised I haven’t read many proper spy books hit me up with you recs so I can fix that!

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  1. Love the creative takes on this week’s topic! I think that’s one of the best things about Top 5 Saturday, is that everyone interprets the topics differently! I really want to read Nevernight!!!! Also, I am eyeing a copy of Priory of the Orange Tree at work. It just looks SO long and I love long high fantasies– as long as the character development is great.

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    • Yea! I love taking my own little spin on it, especially when I haven’t read many books around the topic😊. They’re both amazing, completely different but amazing. Trust me when I say you will fly through the pages of Priory & it is full of character development


      • Omg I’ve become obsessed with Sanderson since this summer. I have one more book in mistborn era 2 before I start The Stormlight Archives and I’m pretty hype to get into that series. Sanderson is just such an incredible author

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      • Tell me about it! Mistborn was the first series of his I read and I LOVED it. I’ve got my current backlog to get through but it is definitely on my TBR for the year 😊


      • Me too. Honestly I want to read all of his books! I am planning on reading the cosmere books first and then his other books. But man, his stories really grab me. The end of The Final Empire still kills me.

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      • Same… honestly I was emotional wreck through most of those books but the last one was by far the worst! I’ve read Skyward… still need to pick up Starsight but other than that I still need to read them all 🙈


      • Omg the ending of the last book was so right for the story, but SO heartbreaking and bittersweet. I read the first two books in mistborn era 2. They’re fast and fun and quite different from era 1. I have one more era 2 book and then I start The Stormlight archives. I’m just so happy he has so many books out. It’s hard when one of your favorite authors takes years between books. I’m so grateful I only discovered Name of the Wind this year bc now I can read book 3 this year and I havent been waiting since 2011 for a conclusion to the series! 🙈

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      • I’ve not picked up any era 2 books yet, would you recommend them? Yes! There is no better feeling than knowing you don’t have to wait ages for a new series or book. I’ve not picked up Name of the Wind yet but it’s been on my TBR for an age


      • I totally would. They’re much shorter than mistborn 1 and totally different but also so much fun and full of banter. I would just say that you should expect them to be different from era 1. They’re not as large of a commitment since they’re shorter so they’re a lot easier to fit in. They’re really fun reads. Wax and Wayne are so entertaining and it’s awesome to be able to enjoy a shorter book set in the mistborn world.

        As for Name of the Wind… omg I just cant even explain. Those books truly make you appreciate the art of storytelling. The writing is just so immersive and so easy.to just sink into. Book 3 comes out in august so you should totally read the first two in time to enjoy the release of book 3. I cant see how any fantasy fan wouldn’t love Name of the Wind. I did have a bit of a book hangover after reading though. It was like nothing lived up to what I had just read. But I had the same problem after each of the mistborn era 1 books too. You gotta read Name of the Wind!

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      • Good to know! I’ll definitely add them to my TBR now. I have a copy of the Name of the Wind somewhere I think so I’ll have to dig it out, I’ve only heard good things so fingers crossed I’ll like it 😊


  2. I totally agree with about Davon in Spellhacker, Did he really think Diz would forgive him for what he did? Great list. I’m looking forward to reading Priory of the Orange Tree and Scavenge the Stars! 🙂

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