Christmas Book Haul!

Hello! I hope you all had a splendid day yesterday, however you spent it. As you know I asked for books for Christmas… shocking I know. I also took part in a few book exchanges & Amazon wishlist tags on twitter and managed to get some awesome books I have been dying to read for a while. And honestly I was super lucky! So managed people treated me this Christmas & I just had to share this epic book haul with you all. Did Father Christmas bring you any books? Or any bookish items?

I’ve been dying to get my hands on these editions because they are so pretty 😍. Luckily my friend pays attention to my rambling and got me them for christmas. Do I already own these books? Yes, but look how pretty they are.

I sent my friend my amazon wishlist & she chose some pretty epic books off there. I’ve been dying to get my hands on these & cant wait to dive in.

These ones are off my Dad. I couldn’t resist sending him my wishlist of signed books from forbidden planet. I’ve read a couple of these already but wanted physical copies, but I am eager to start Empress of a thousand skies… especially because I’m trying to read more sci-fi next year.

I also took part in a Twitter secret Santa exchange. Unfortunately my package was destroyed In the post so I only managed to salvage a few things. Luckily there are some truly amazing people in the group & not only did I get my original book replaced but people sent me extras!

These were books I received from Amazon wishlist exchanges & I am so blessed. All of these sound amazing, and most are ones that have been on my wishlist for far too long!

Finally, these two I received off my sister! One is a book I have never heard of but it sounds really intriguing. All about things we use everyday that we’re designed for men and not women. Think it’s going to be an angry read, but she met the author and it sounds great. The next one is actually a clock… made out of a book! It’s super cool and looks amazing on my shelf!

I have been sooooo lucky this Christmas! I also received two bookish T-shirt’s off my dad & Amazon vouchers! I hope you all aka her to get some lovely presents this Christmas, and I hope you have a lovely and chilled Boxing Day!


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