Books I hope to find under my tree! Top Ten Tuesday

I cannot believe it’s Christmas Eve! I hope you’re all where you want to be this Christmas eve and celebrating with style. My day pretty much consists of having to nip into work for a few hours… I know it sucks, but then me, my dad, sisters and my sisters boyfriend will be heading out for food and to go and watch Star Wars at the cinema. It’s become a kind of tradition as we’ve grown older and I have to say I like it. My dad/family/friends asked for my Christmas list in November and, though I struggled picking certain things, there was one item that I knew I wanted off the bat… you guessed it, books. I also had to ask my dad for bookcases for my wall to put my nice new books on because my other ones are overflowing atm. The books I chose are ones I have been dying to get my hands on, whether they are standalones or the rest of series that I need before I dive in. Hopefully some if not all of these will be waiting for me under the tree.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

The Last Spell Breather

Just look at that cover! This popped up on a blogger I follows (can’t remember who!) First Line Friday a while back and I just knew I had to get my hands on it. I’m trying to branch out a bit more and have a couple of MG books on my TBR already but I just couldn’t resist adding this one.

Empress of a Thousand Skies

One of my goals for next year is to pick up more Sci-Fi books and this one sounds amazing. A princess who wants vengeance having to team up with the TV star who is accused of trying to end her life. I have an idea where this is heading and I am here for it.

The hand the eye and the heart

Another absolutely beautiful cover! I first saw this mentioned on Samantha Shannon’s twitter and instantly added it to my TBR. The premise gives me soooo many Mulan vibes, and I’ve read some raving reviews that make me want to dive in.

Ten Thousand Doors of January

Ok. So I know I’ve already read this, but I got an E-ARC via Netgalley and just look at that cover… how could I resist getting an FC as well. This is one of my favourite reads of the year and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

The Guinevere Deception

Another book I received and ARC of, though I haven’t technically asked for this for Christmas I am pretty sure it’s being included in one of the book subscription boxes I get. Another one of my top reads of the year and I’m excited to get my hands on an FC.


I may not have even started Illuminae yet, but I have loved everything else Jay Kristoff has written and flew through Aurora Rising earlier this year so I’m pretty sure that I will enjoy this series.


Pretty much the same as above, but these also help towards me reading more Sci-Fi in the new year!


I own Nevernight & Darkdawn so this was an obvious and easy add on to my Christmas list. I love this series so much and will be glad to finally own all the books.

Eight Will Fall

This is another one I haven’t specifically asked for, but I’m pretty sure it’s being included in another book subscription box ( I went a little crazy this month.) The premise definitely sounds intriguing, I just hope it’s not quite as scary as described.

The Library of the Unwritten

I can thank Susan for this one being on my Christmas Wishlist. In fact if it wasn’t for me trying to be good and not buy myself books I would already own this. A library in hell, with all the books that haven’t been finished. This book sounds creepy, adventurous and intriguing and I cannot wait to start it.

So those are some of the books I’m hoping to find under my tree come Christmas day! Have you asked Father Christmas for any of these? Or do you have other books on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I hope you got all these books (and then some) for Christmas. 😉 It’s a lovely list. The Illuminae Files is probably my favorite series, so I totally support wanting the two books in that series. That’s a no-brainer. 😉 Library of the Unwritten was really good, too!

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