The Festive Christmas Book Tag!

Thanks to Danni over at For Books Sake for tagging me in another fun and festive Booktag. Danni posts some great content and you should definitely go and give her blog some love!

The tag was originally created by GirlReading.


A Fictional family you would like to spend christmas dinner with?

I’m going to have to steal Danni’s answer here because I would LOVE to spend Christmas with the Weasleys… I just can’t think of anyone else!

A bookish item you would like to receive as a gift?

I’m a sucker for bookish swag and pretty much love it all, but I am particularly fond of bookish themed candles.. I have loads already but you can never have too many right?

A fictional character that you think would make the perfect christmas elf?

Fritz from Air Awakens. He’s the perfect kind of bubbly and nice and he would definitely make sure every good girl and boy got their presents.

Match a book to its perfect christmas song

Ok, so this is really hard. I’m going to go with White Christmas and Below by Alexandria Warwick because it’s set in an Arctic like landscape where there’s lots of you know…Snow. Ok, its bad I realise but as I said… it was hard!

Bah humbug – A book or fictional character you’ve been disappointed in and should be put on the naughty list?

I was a little disappointed with Capturing the Devil recently… maybe not enough for it to be put on the naughty list (seems a bit extreme) but it did let me down a little after the amazingness of the other three.

A book or fictional character you think deserves more love and appreciation, and deserves to be put on the nice list?

The Greatcoats series by Sebastien De Castell. I always see his Spellslinger series hyped up and I’ve read the first one and liked it, but it didn’t compare to the Greatcoats in my opinion! Dig in and meet my boys Falcio, Kest and Brasti.

Red, gold and green – A book that has a wonderfully christmas feel to it?

Just look how pretty the cover it… and it literally has Winter in the title so go me. I actually have this as a physical copy and the real life cover is gorgeous!

A book or series you love so much, you want everyone to find it under their christmas tree so they can love it too?

Hmmm… only one? Maybe Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. Then everyone can fall in love with her world, characters and writing in time for Notorious Virtues being released in the New Year.

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